Tower of Fantasy region lock

Is Tower of Fantasy Region Locked? Answered

What you need to know about Tower of Fantasy's regional servers.

The latest F2P MMORPG has many excited for its compelling multiplayer gameplay, but is Tower of Fantasy region locked? Here’s what you need to know about the game’s servers and which is best to choose.

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Is Tower of Fantasy Region Locked? Answered

No, Tower of Fantasy is not region locked. You are able to play on any server from any region you like. Of course, choosing a server from a region that is not where you’re located isn’t necessarily a good plan. Because the server’s geographical distance is far away from you’re own, you will experience a high amount of latency that is definitely going to impact your experience.

That being said, MMORPGs aren’t as difficult to play with high latency as something like an FPS game, given the control inputs don’t typically need to be as precise. You can, therefore, get away with playing on a distant server if you’re doing so to play with friends from other regions.

For those who are playing mostly solo, however, and want the best experience possible, we recommend sticking with a server that is at least somewhat local.

If you’re wondering what the Tower of Fantasy unlock times are for each region, here’s a handy list:

India Thursday, 5:30 AM
PhilippinesThursday, 8:00 AM
BrazilWednesday, 9:00 PM
JapanThursday, 9:00 AM
AustraliaThursday, 10:00 AM
New ZealandThursday, 12:00 PM
South KoreaThursday, 9:00 AM
SpainThursday, 2:00 AM
CanadaWednesday, 8:00 PM
MexicoWednesday, 7:00 PM
ThailandThursday, 7:00 AM
South AfricaThursday, 2:00 AM
MyanmarThursday, 6:30 AM
VietnamThursday, 7:00 AM
UKThursday, 1:00 AM
Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaThursday, 3:00 AM
RussiaThursday, 3:00 AM
SingaporeThursday, 8:00 AM
VenezuelaWednesday, 8:00 PM

That should give you everything you need to know about whether Tower of Fantasy is region locked. For more useful tips and guides on the game, search Twinfinite or check out the related content listed below.

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