Is Sons of the Forest Coming to Xbox Series X|S? Answered

Can you take a console foray to the forest?

sons of the forest ps5 xbox series xs

Sons of the Forest takes players to yet another creepy cannibal-filled island as they try and survive while also trying to track down a missing billionaire. That means you’ll be crafting, killing and carrying tons of items and resources all while trying to simply live to see another day. Wondering if there is going to be a Sons of the Forest Xbox Series X|S port? We’ll run you through everything there is to know right now.

Will There Be a Sons of the Forest Xbox Series X|S Port?

At the time of writing, developer Endnight Games has not officially announced that Sons of the Forest will be coming to Xbox Series X|S.

For now, the game will only be available on PC via Steam. However, it’s worth noting that its predecessor, The Forest, did eventually release on the PS4, so there’s a chance Sons of the Forest may eventually get ported over to consoles, too, though whether or not it would only come to the PlayStation 5, as opposed to the Xbox Series X|S remains to be seen.

The bad news for Xbox Series X|S owners, is that The Forest never received an Xbox One port. While it doesn’t 100% guarantee that Sons of the Forest won’t be ported to the Xbox consoles, it does seem to suggest that developer Endnight Games may be more inclined to port the game to PlayStation consoles first.

That being said, it’s worth noting that in an interview with Gaming Bolt, developer Endnight Games said: “We would love to come to console in the future, but are currently focused on delivering the best experience possible to PC players.

As soon as we have any news on whether or not Sons of the Forest is coming Xbox Series X|S, we’ll update this post and let you know.

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