Is Shoresy in Letterkenny Season 11? Answered

Shoresy is Letterkenny's MVP no question, so much so that he got his own show! But, does he come back for the newest LK season?

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Your favorite Canadians North of the border (sorry Trailer Park Boys) are back in the saddle with an eleventh season. As of Dec. 26, six more episodes have aired on both CraveTV & Hulu respectively and all the usual shenanigans are in toe.  The season is what we’ve come to expect; drawn out comedy bits, sexual innuendos, drugs/alcohol, fights, and of course hockey.

Speaking of hockey, one character’s current station in the world of Letterkenny has left some fans scratching their heads. But never fear, Twinfinite is here to shed some light on the subject. So, without further ado, let’s discuss if Shoresy is in Letterkenny season 11 or not?

Is Shoresy in Letterkenny Season 11?

The short answer is yes, Shoresy is in Season 11. The why is a little bit more convoluted. Here’s why Shoresy was already a name well-known throughout Letterkenny, specifically in regards to hockey. Throughout the show, he has periodically shown up to further sow seeds of chaos. Whether it be his toilet bowl humor, bedding Riley and Jonesy’s moms respectively, or his prowess as a heckling linesman – he is rather infamous. So much so that he received his own spin-off show called Shoresy, which aired its first season in May 2022.

Regardless, his hockey talent isn’t just confined to playing with stick and puck. In episode 3, season 11 titled “Lost Dog,” Shoresy character (who is played by Jared Keeso, pulling triple duty in the show) can be seen heckling players as a part-time ref which is where the confusion arises. This is because the last we see him in Letterkenny’s 10th season finale, Shorey is shipped off to Sudbury, where he is to play for the Sudbury Bulldogs.

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To that effect, Shoresy is made captain of the Bulldogs but winds up losing the championships against the Soo Cyclones. Although Shoresy is willing to give the Bulldogs more of his energy and time, he would meanwhile return to Letterkenny to do the one other thing he could aside from playing for the Natives (who again traded him to Sudbury) – reffereeing. 

Of course, he still is just as much of a heckler as before, but the one thing that he seemingly learned from his tenure on the other side of the Ottawa border is that there are more important things than winning 100% of the time. Lastly, it wouldn’t be surprising for Shoresy make his way back to the Ottawa border closer to when season 2 starts. 

That should answer if Shoresy is in Season 11 of Letterkenny. We also have additional Letterkenny articles, including information about last year’s episode honoring International Woman’s Day, or even fancy little quiz about which character you are. Have you finished the 11th season of Letterkenny yet? If not, pitter-patter!

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