Is Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy? Answered

Is our favorite headmaster old enough to make an appearance?

When it comes to video games, fans of the Harry Potter franchise haven’t enjoyed the same quality of adaptation as the acclaimed movies. That is, until now; the latest RPG from developer Avalanche sets a new benchmark that blows away what has come before. But is Dumbledore in Hogwarts Legacy? Here’s what you need to know about the game’s story and whether beloved characters make an appearance.

Dumbledore & Hogwarts Legacy Explained

No, Dumbledore is not in Hogwarts Legacy, and that’s because the story is not only set 100 years or so before the events of Harry Potter but before even Dumbledore joined. Not by much, though; he actually joined in 1892 but would have only been seven years old during the events of the game, which only lasts for a single year.

Of course, that doesn’t make Dumbledore so young that he couldn’t be included as some sort of easter egg or future DLC, and we wouldn’t necessarily write off that possibility. There’s always a chance he could be added further down the line if the story is expanded.

For those who don’t know or remember Dumbledore’s story, he and his family went through a lot during the 1800s. Dumbledore’s family has an interesting past, which involves his father, Percival, becoming imprisoned in Azkaban for protecting Dumbledore’s sister (Ariana) from three Muggle boys. He is a half-blood himself, and his mother and sister also died in an accident later on in his life. Dumbledore famously establishes the order of resistance against Voldemort.

That is all you need to know about if Dumbledore is in Hogwarts Legacy. For more on the game, including unlock and download info, be sure to take a peek at all of the guides, news, and features we’ve got for you right down below.

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