Hunt Showdown: How to Use Medkit

How to Use Medkit Hunt:Showdown

If you want to survive in Hunt Showdown, you’re not only going to need to become a master with your weapon arsenal, but someone smart enough to know when to use a medkit. To do that, you need to know how to actually use one. Here’s how to use a medkit in Hunt: Showdown.

Here’s How to Use Medkit in Hunt: Showdown

In Hunt: Showdown, there are medkits and there are first aid kits. Both operate in the same way except medkits only allow you to heal once and first aid kits allow you to heal five times.

To use either a medkit or a first aid kit, you must first have one. A medkit takes up a consumable slot in your inventory while a first aid kit takes up a tools slot in your inventory. Both can be equipped to your character in the Hunter menu.

When you’re playing the game, you’ll see that your health is made up of a number of bars. When a bar is gone, it’s gone until you die. A medkit or first aid kit only heal the bars back up — they can’t give you back bars you’ve lost.

To use a medkit or first aid kit, you must first go into the menu. Select the item with either right click on PC or right bumper on Xbox One. Then, while holding down those buttons, hit the left click or right trigger, respectively.

Doing so will cause your character to use the item and you’ll see your health go up immediately.

SystemButton Prompt
PCRight click first, then left click
Xbox OneRight bumper first, then right trigger
How to Use Medkit Hunt: Showdown

Here’s a step by step breakdown showing you how to use your medkit

  1. Make sure you equip a medkit to your hunter.

    In the Hunter menu, equip one into one of your consumable slots.

  2. When injured, use a medkit to heal.

    When injured, head back to the Hunter menu where your inventory is and press right click/right bumper and then left click/right trigger on the item to use it.

That’s it for how to use a medkit in Hunt: Showdown.

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