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How to Win Rock, Paper, Scissors for the Dark Fist Tournament in Honkai: Star Rail

Become the rock, paper, and scissors champion!

You will meet several kids during your adventure to the underground city of Belobog, and it seems that many children here love to role-play. You can encounter four kids who are members of the Dark Fist Tournament, and they will challenge you to a game of rock, paper, and scissors in Honkai: Star Rail. If you are worried about losing and want to ensure your victory, this guide can tell you how to win the tournament.

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HSR Dark Fist Tournament Rock, Paper, and Scissors Guide

You can join the Dark Fist Tournament by picking up the Invitation Letter, which you can find on top of a box inside the Fight Club. Afterward, you can head outside and speak to the Mysterious Kid who is standing in front of the building. After you give the letter to him, you will be transported to the Dark Fist Tournament.

Although the tournament title sounds ominous, the children are actually only playing rock, paper, and scissors. The main character must challenge the three champions to win, and you can start the match by talking to each kid.

Honkai: Star Rail Dark Fist Tournament.
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Luckily, you don’t need to be worried about making the right choices because the developer has programmed you to win. You can safely pick any choice, and you will win against the girl, be defeated by the second champion, and beat the last boy.

For example, I decided only to play scissors during the matches and still won the tournament. As the new champion of the Dark Fist Tournament, you will receive the Wrathful Gauntless recipe, which you can unlock in the Synthesize menu.

That is the end of our guide on how to win rock, paper, and scissors for the Dark Fist Tournament in Honkai: Star Rail. Twinfinite has more HSR content below, so be sure to read them before leaving.

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