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How to Use Green Orbs in Nine Sols

Taopunk parkour!

As you explore New Kunlun with Yi, you’ll find that a big part of the map is seemingly locked out. That’s partially because of the many traps that riddle the floors and the ceilings. However, green orbs float above them and can be used to bypass the security and progress your journey in Nine Sols. Let’s see how you can do that.

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Using Green Orbs in Nine Souls

If you are here, that means that you haven’t yet interacted with all the Root Nodes in the first few areas. Had you done that, you’d have prompted a mini scene in an alternative spirit world where you learn the green orb parkour and the method for defeating guardian statues in Nine Sols. Doesn’t matter, really, as using the orbs is fairly simple. The only thing you need to do is jump towards a green orb and press Parry (RMB/J on PC) as you touch it.

When you do that, Yi will bounce off the green orb and forward into the direction in which you were moving at that point. This is important as some parkour places will require you to bounce in a zig-zag fashion to clear them. Also, make sure to always hold the forward input while doing this, as most often, bouncing off the green orb will only allow you to reach the ledge, which you will then have to grab onto.

Well, that is really all you need to know about using green orbs for parkour in Nine Sols. If you found this guide helpful and want to learn more tricks for this game, be sure to visit the Nine Sols hub on our website. We will continue to expand it as we find more topics players need help with, so bookmarking it might be a good idea if you plan to play this game a lot.

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