How to Upgrade & Increase Inventory Size in Fae Farm

This baby can fit so much ore.

Skye in Fae Farm
Image Source: Phoenix Labs via Twinfinite

There are a whole lot of things to pick up in Fae Farm. As such, your inventory will be packed with bugs, plants, and fish in no time. If you’re tired of having to run backwards and forwards to drop off your stuff, here’s how to upgrade and increase your inventory size in Fae Farm.

How to Get More Inventory Space in Fae Farm

You can unlock more space for carrying items by purchasing Inventory Upgrades from Skye. Like many of the game’s shop owners, Skye can be found in the Town Center. Her shop Supplies and Sundry sells a selection of furniture items as well as the all-important Inventory Upgrades.

Inventory Upgrade in Fae Farm
Image Source: Phoenix Labs via Twinfinite

Each Inventory Upgrade will grant you a further 8 slots in your inventory. Players start the game with only 16 inventory slots, but you can purchase 3 Inventory Upgrades, bringing your total backpack space up to 40.

Here’s how much each Inventory Upgrade costs:

  • Inventory Upgrade 1: 500 Gold Florin
  • Inventory Upgrade 2: 2500 Gold Florin
  • Inventory Upgrade 3: 8000 Gold Florin

Once you’re able to earn gold easily, these upgrades should be one of the first things you purchase as you’ll be encountering a wider variety of resources as you open up more parts of the island.

Remember that you don’t have to use or sell your items straight away if your inventory is full. Your farm has a storage shed that can conveniently hold an unlimited number of items. Don’t drop any items on the ground as you never know when you’ll need them!

Now you know how to increase your inventory capacity in Fae Farm. Take a look below for more guides to help you build your perfect homestead.

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