How to Make Gold Florin (Money) Fast in Fae Farm

Treat yourself to a shopping spree.

Marketplace in Fae Farm
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There are a lot of useful upgrades to buy in Fae Farm and some of them will set you back quite a few gold florin. These prices can seem worryingly expensive when you’re starting out with only a few coins jingling in your pocket. Thankfully there are very easy ways to make a fortune only a few hours into the game. Here’s everything you need to know about how to make money fast in Fae Farm.

What to Sell to Make Money Fast in Fae Farm

The quickest way to make lots of money in Fae Farm is to sell polished gems. Each one is easy to craft and sells for hundreds of gold florin. Using this method you can easily net yourself thousands of florin in no time at all.

Polished gems are crafted from rough crystals. They can be found in Fae Farm’s dungeons and are mined using a pickaxe or looted from Jumbles. Rough crystals appear from dungeon level 5 onwards and are more abundant as you progress through each floor. Once you place a seal for a level you’ll be able to check the Resource Chances for that floor to determine which levels offer the best chance of looting rough crystals that day.

Resource Chance in Fae Farm
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Running through a dungeon will easily fill your inventory to the brim with rough gemstones. Upgrading your mining skill level will result in even more resources dropping with less energy expenditure. This makes repeat runs even quicker and more fruitful.

How to Craft Polished Gems

You can turn rough crystals into polished gems using a Gem Polisher. These can be crafted very early on in the game using resources acquired from the first dungeon. As with any other crafting machine in the game, you can place the Gem Polisher anywhere on your farm.

Gem Polisher in Fae Farm
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Once you’ve built a Gem Polisher you can use any 10 rough crystals to craft 1 polished gem. Each one of these will sell for at least 125 gold florin. Polished gems created using rarer crystals will sell for many times more than this and are just as easy to mine once you’ve found them in the game’s later dungeons.

Once your Gem Polisher has churned out all the polished gems, place them on the market table found in the Town Center, and by the next morning, you’ll have a huge stack of cash waiting for you. If you want to sell even more gems each day then you can buy extra market tables from Pearl who usually spends her days hanging out at the Docks.

So that’s the best method for making money fast in Fae Farm. Now that you’re the wealthiest resident on the island why not check out some of our other Fae Farm guides below and get to building the ultimate farm!

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