How to Unlock the Catalog & All Catalog Rewards

How to Unlock the Catalog & All Catalog Rewards in Splatoon 3

Eager to unlock the catalog and all its rewards in Splatoon 3? Let us lend a hand.

One of the best things about playing a game like Splatoon 3 is that you can customize your characters to reflect your style. With plenty of items to collect and unlock, this is a playground that is not just colorful, but also fashionable. If you are wondering about how to unlock the catalog and see all of the rewards in Splatoon 3, we have got you covered.

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Unlocking the Catalog in Splatoon 3

In order to gain access to the catalog and all of its goodies, you will need to hit Level 4 in Splatoon 3 first. Following then, you can visit Harmony’s General Shop to claim it. You can do this simply by playing Turf War matches at the start to help you gain experience quickly.

All Catalog Rewards in Splatoon 3

With the current season being the Drizzle Season 2022 (which ends on 11/30/22 at 7 p.m.), the current catalog in the game will only display the page for your present progress. However, if you want to see a full list of what you have earned or what’s upcoming, you can use the Splatnet app on either iOS or Android to get the full picture.

Splatoon 3 catalog rewards splatnet

Here’s the complete list for the entire Drizzle Season 2022:

  1. Banner
  2. Title
  3. Emote
  4. Food Ticket
  5. Studio Headphones
  6. White Tee
  7. Pink Trainers
  8. Pack of Cards
  9. Sticker
  10. Decoration
  11. Food Ticket
  12. Pack of Cards
  13. Banner
  14. Sticker
  15. Emote
  16. Drink Ticket
  17. Pack of Cards
  18. Title
  19. Air Gills DX
  20. Tentatek Tandem
  21. Punk Pinks
  22. Sticker
  23. Pack of Cards
  24. Food Ticket
  25. Mystery Box
  26. Banner
  27. Decoration
  28. Sticker
  29. Pilot Goggles
  30. Zink Layered LS
  31. Purple Hi-Horses
  32. Drink Ticket
  33. Title
  34. Pack of Cards
  35. Emote
  36. Sticker
  37. Banner
  38. Title
  39. Retro BluFocals
  40. Lime BlobMob Tee
  41. Skipjack Work Boots
  42. Food Ticket
  43. Pack of Cards
  44. Banner
  45. Decoration
  46. Sticker
  47. Title
  48. Drink Ticket
  49. Fresh Card Pack
  50. Mystery Box
  51. Emote
  52. Sticker
  53. Pack of Cards
  54. Title
  55. Sticker
  56. Food Ticket
  57. Title
  58. Pack of Cards
  59. Beachcomber
  60. Sudadera Celeste
  61. Cuttlefish Sandies
  62. Decoration
  63. Drink Ticket
  64. Banner
  65. Pack of Cards
  66. Sticker
  67. Title
  68. Pack of Cards
  69. Classic Straw Boater
  70. Annaki Bracelet Tee
  71. Red Hammertreads
  72. Food Ticket
  73. Title
  74. Decoration
  75. Mystery Box
  76. Emote
  77. Pack of Cards
  78. Banner
  79. Retro Framers
  80. Lime Battlecrab Shell
  81. Blue Shrimpsiders
  82. Sticker
  83. Drink Ticket
  84. Pack of Cards
  85. Title
  86. Sticker
  87. Pack of Cards
  88. Food Ticket
  89. Glassless Glasses
  90. Distressed Vest
  91. Ink-Black Clam Dunks
  92. Decoration
  93. Title
  94. Sticker
  95. Drink Ticket
  96. Title
  97. Banner
  98. Emote
  99. Mystery Box
  100.  Triple-Deck Specs

Armed with the knowledge of how to unlock the catalog and see all of the rewards in Splatoon 3, you can plan your future enjoyment even more comprehensively. For more on the game, do check out any of the related articles down below, or utilize our other guides to get ahead, including how to decorate your lockers, how to lock colors, or how to sprint and run faster.

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