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How to Unlock the Chaos Malachite Relic in Vampire Survivors

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Vampire Survivors recently released its 1.3.0 update that adds a new stage and two relics free for all players. It does not even require the Legacy of the Moonspell paid expansion. One of the new relics called the Chaos Malachite Relic can change a certain character after reaching a certain level. Here is how to unlock the Chaos Malachite Relic in Vampire Survivors.

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Unlocking the Chaos Malachite Relic in Vampire Survivors

The Chaos Malachite Relic can be unlocked by surviving until the 18-minute mark in the Bat Country stage and finding the relic on the map. It can only be unlocked through the new Bat Country challenge stage and the method is very similar to obtaining the Apoplexy Relic, both introduced in the new update.

Any characters or stage modifiers can be used to get the relic. The important aspect is to reach 18 minutes into the stage. The green jewel of the Chaos Malachite Relic will then appear on the map, surrounded by a square of diamonds and marked by a green arrow pointing to it.

Collecting the relic will unlock the ability for the skeleton character Mortaccio to transform into an even bigger skeleton called Goshadokuro at level 80. According to the patch notes, Goshadokuro gains +2 Armor, +1 Amount, +100 Max HP, and fully recovers HP. Also his base weapon changes to this:

Anima of Mortaccio fires bones just like the base Bone weapon, but the bones accelerate after every bounce. Big spinning arms appear around the player. Sometimes they detach and start flying around, dealing base damage times Amount.

The Chaos Malachite Relic can also be unlocked by typing “gottagofast” in the Secrets menu, which is on brand with the Sonic the Hedgehog motif of the Bat Country stage.

That is how to unlock the Chaos Malachite Relic in Vampire Survivors. Check back with Twinfinite for more Vampire Survivors coverage and click on the links below for other helpful guides for the game.

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