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How to Solve Ramblers Reach Roof Puzzle in Jedi Survivor

Image Source: EA Games

How to Solve Ramblers Reach Roof Puzzle in Jedi Survivor

Get a blaster skin on the Rambler’s Reach rooftop. Pew pew.

While in Koboh, there’s a nice blaster skin you can attain and an additional skill point if you’re able to solve a quick rooftop puzzle in the Rambler’s Reach Outpost area. It’s a classic cosmetic to have so you should definitely take the time to grab this collectible quickly. There are only a few things you need in order to activate and complete this mini-puzzle. So read on and you’ll know how to solve Rambler’s Reach roof puzzle in Jedi Survivor

Prepping For Rambler’s Reach

Image Source: EA Games via WoW Quests Youtube

In order to have all of the abilities and upgrades, you need to complete the Rambler’s Reach rooftop puzzle, you will need to complete Koboh part 4 at the very least. This is because you’ll be required to have the Dash ability, an NPC Jawa recruited, and the BD-1 Electro Dart.

You’ll also have to talk to your new Jawa friend after completing the Check on the Jawa Settlement Rumor. Doing so will expose the rooftop area that conceals a techy generator. Once you have all of these prerequisites, you’re good to go. Make your way over to the generator and let’s complete this puzzle at hand.

Rambler’s Reach Rooftop Puzzle Step-by-Step

Image Source: EA Games
  1. Make your way to western building.
Image Source: EA Games

2. Locate the generator on the second floor and use BD-1’s Electro Dart to shoot it.

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Image Source: EA Games

3. Run back to the building directly behind you, where the Jawas are hanging out, and the door is now open for you to go inside.

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Image Source: EA Games

4. Once inside, trigger the meditation spot and collect the skill point.

Image Source: EA Games

5. Go back to the building with the generator and right around the corner, there’s a large box you can climb to get to the top of the roof.

Image Source: EA Games

6. Dash across the roof and grab the cable connecting point.

Image Source: EA Games

7. Take the cable connector back to where you came from and connect it to anchor point on the opposite side.

Image Source: EA Games

8. Lock it into place and and make sure to activate it.

Image Source: EA Games

9. Jump directly down and enter the doorway below that has just opened up.

Image Source: EA Games

10. Inside the room, you’ll find a treasure chest with the blaster cosmetic skin that you can claim.

Congratulations, you know how to solve Rambler’s Reach roof puzzle in Jedi Survivor and now you can claim the blaster cosmetic and additional skill point. It’s a quick and easy puzzle and totally worth it once you complete it. With that being said, you can continue on your adventure as a Jedi survivor.

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