How to Rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy

Rescue Biscuit or die tryin'.

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If you have been playing Hogwarts Legacy, you may have noticed that the game has no shortage of precious, little creatures. The Wizarding World has always featured a colorful menagerie of adorable mythical animals, and one by the name of Biscuit is no exception. Unfortunately, Biscuit is in dire straits, but luckily, you are here to help. Here is how to rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where to Find the Taking the Biscuit Side Quest

In order to unlock the Taking the Biscuit side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first complete the Astronomy Class Main Quest. Once you are ready, go to the West Hogsmeade Floo Flame fast travel point and head West. You will find the goblin Garnuff under a bridge where he will task you with rescuing Biscuit the Mooncalf.

How to Rescue Biscuit

If, like us, you also cannot stand to think of Biscuit being in danger for even a second longer, head directly to the East North Ford Bog Floo Flame fast travel point and then head East to find the Poacher Camp where Biscuit is being held. We recommend traveling on broom to get your destination quicker at this point, as it will be a bit of a trek.

When you arrive at the Poacher Camp, use the Disillusionment Charm to turn invisible and be able to sneak about as you search for the cage holding poor Biscuit. You may have to dispatch some of the Poachers lurking about as needed.

Once you find the cage holding many captive Mooncalfs, use Alohomora to make quick work of the Level 1 Lock. Be prepared, as the Mooncalfs are going to quickly make a run for it. At this point, use Revelio to keep track of their whereabouts and locate Biscuit, who will be the smallest of the bunch. Once you are in pursuit of the little dope, cast Levioso to freeze them in place, and use the Nab-Sack to scoop him up. Safe and sound, head back to Garnuff in Hogsmeade and unite him with the adorable Biscuit.

For your troubles, you will obtain the Beast Rescuer Robe and the satisfaction of having rescued the sweet little Mooncalf. That’s all you need to know to learn how to rescue Biscuit in Hogwarts Legacy. Check out more of our guides and coverage of Hogwarts Legacy below.

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