How to Play Co-op Multiplayer With Friends in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

It’s always fun to play with friends.

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The highly anticipated action-role-playing title, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, is out now across PC, Xbox, and PS platforms. One of the best features of Wo Long is its co-op multiplayer mode, which allows players to team up with friends to take on other players together. So, if you’re wondering how you can play co-op multiplayer with friends in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, then here’s a guide showing you how to do just that. Let’s begin.

How Do You Play Co-op With Friends in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty? Answered

If you’re interested in playing Wo Long’s multiplayer with your friends, then you can easily do so by following these steps. First, find a Battle Flag and rest under it. Next, select “Online Lobby” from the menu screen.

After that, click on the “Co-op” button, and you’ll be directed to a lobby where you can invite your friends to join. You can either create a new lobby or enter a lobby password to join an existing one. You and your friends can enjoy playing Wo Long’s multiplayer mode together with these simple steps.

It is important to note that only three players can participate in co-op gameplay for each level or Battlefield in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s multiplayer mode. Moreover, this mode becomes accessible after completing Part 1 of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. This requires playing the introductory level and defeating the first boss.

There are three types of online multiplayer modes available in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty:

  • Recruitment: Cooperative play with up to 3 players (including yourself)
  • Co-op: Up to 3 players (including yourself) can play together through a friend or set the password.
  • Invade: Invade another player’s mission as an enemy or be invaded by an enemy

Please note: In the Options menu, allowing online players to Invade can be enabled or disabled.

Does Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Support Cross-Play & Cross-Platform Features?

Unfortunately, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty does not support cross-platform play between PS5, Xbox, and PC. However, players can still play the Co-op multiple with players sharing the same platforms. For instance, PlayStation players can invite other PlayStation users, whereas PC players can team up with other PC users.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty cross-play functionality:

  • PS5: PS5, PS4
  • Xbox Series X & S: Xbox Series X & S, Xbox One
  • PC: PC only

That’s everything you need to know about playing co-op multiplayer with friends in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Check out the relevant links below for more Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty content.

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