How to Level Up Crafted Weapons Fast in Destiny 2

Here's everything you need to know how to level up weapons fast in Destiny 2.

Craftable Weapons were introduced to Destiny 2 with the Witch Queen DLC back in February. The list of weapons you could craft in February was relatively small, but it has exponentially grown since then. We’ve already made several different guides discussing how to get these weapons, but one question remains: how do you level them up? So today, let’s discuss how to level up crafted weapons fast in Destiny 2.

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How To Level Up Crafted Weapons Fast In Destiny 2

Once you acquire your crafted weapon, your next step is to level the gun up until you can choose what perks you want on it. Typically, you should aim for level 16, as nearly all enhanced perks can be unlocked by then, except a few that require beyond level 16. We’re going to go over a couple of places where you can quickly level them up.

Shuro Chi Encounter (Last Wish Raid)

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For quite some time now, the second encounter in the Last Wish Raid, the Shuro Chi encounter, has been a go-to spot for leveling up weapons quickly. It has a ton of easy-to-kill enemies such as Thrall, and a couple of Knights. Then, once your are done killing them all, simply jump off the map or wipe yourself to restart the encounter, and do it all over again. Continue to do this until you eventually finish leveling up your gun.

You would think since it’s the second encounter for the raid, it’d be annoying to get to by yourself. However, that isn’t the case for one main reason, the Wish Wall. The Last Wish Raid features a mechanic right in the opening of the raid where if players punch in a specific code, they can be teleported to any encounter within the raid. Here’s a picture of the code you need to be teleported to Shuro Chi.

Destiny 2 Shuro Chi Wish Wall
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Golgoroth (King’s Fall Raid)

Destiny 2 Golgoroth King's Fall
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In a recent turn of events, within the reprised King’s Fall Raid lies the third encounter, Golgoroth, and a new leveling spot was born. Unlike Shuro Chi, Golgoroth has triple the amount of enemies you can defeat in a single run and will not automatically kill after a couple of minutes. Instead, you can continue slaying away at your enemies until, eventually, after around 10 minutes or so, the Tablet of Ruin (the wipe mechanic) will kill you and have you restart. In a good run, you can defeat up to 450 enemies in a single go, unlike Shuro Chi, where you can only defeat up to 85 if you’re lucky.

Although, the means of getting to Golgoroth is less than favorable. Unlike the Last Wish Raid, King’s Fall does not have a Wish Wall feature where you can teleport to any encounter in the raid. If you want to get to Golgoroth, you’ll have to assemble a fire team of six and go through the Totems, and Warpriest encounters first. So it’s a pick your poison scenario; you could choose Shuro Chi, who’s easier to get to but has fewer enemies to deal with, or Golgoroth, who has more enemies, but harder to get to. But no matter the choice, these two raid encounters are the best places to level up your crafted weapons.

What Level Do Your Weapons Need To Be To Apply Memento Shaders?

If you’re looking to use your freshly earned Gambit, Trials, or Nightfall Mementos on your crafted weapons, you’ll have to wait a while before seeing their actual effect. When you craft your gun, you can apply any of the above Memento at any given time, but if you want to see the exclusive shaders that come with it, you’ll need to level up your gun all the way to level 30 first. Upon achieving level 30, your new Gambit, Trials, or Nightfall Memento Shader will be available to use on your weapon.

What’s The Best Way To Get Ascendant Alloys In Destiny 2?

Now that you’ve leveled up your gun, it’s time to apply your enhanced perks. Once you choose what perks you want, it’ll cost you glimmer, resonant alloys, and, most importantly, multiple Ascendant Alloys. Ascendant Alloys can be obtained from a variety of sources within the game, but let’s discuss the two best options.

The first option is to buy copies from Master Rahool at the Tower. For 100 legendary shards, you can buy one from him. However, if you wish to purchase anymore than that, the price will increase to 400 legendary shards. It’s not a cheap method, but it saves you the hassle of earning one from the next option. The second option is to play the Master Difficulty of the weekly featured Witch Queen Campaign mission. It won’t be guaranteed, but you have a high chance of earning one upon finishing the task.

That’s everything you need to know on how to level up crafted weapons quickly in Destiny 2. For more related info and other Destiny 2 news, including frequent updates of what’s coming in the universe, check our related articles below.

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