How to Get the Lunulata-4b Bow in Destiny 2 & What the God Roll Is

The Lunulata-4b is a unique weapon in Destiny 2, being the only Stasis bow in the game. With the ability to synergize with Stasis subclasses, it is a must have option for any player.

With the full release of the light subclass reworks, players have been diving deep into the new ways they can build into the classic three elements: solar, void, and arc. This has left the one Darkness based subclass we have available, Stasis, to become somewhat of an overshadowed option. That is not to say that it isn’t viable, as it remains and incredibly strong option for crowd control in PvE activities and a great counter for close range combatants in PvP. Among the myriad of incredible weapons released with Season of the Haunted was the Lunulata-4b, a Lightweight Stasis bow with incredible potential. While not the strongest contender for PvP, that falling to this season’s Whistler’s Whim, is has incredible potential as a PvE powerhouse with some strong Stasis synergies. Here is how to get the Lunulata-4b bow in Destiny 2, and what god rolls you should be hunting.

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How to Farm the Lunulata-4b Bow in Destiny 2

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Farming the Lunulata-4b is a relatively simple process, as it can only be earned in two ways. The first, and easiest, is to get it as a world drop. World drops are weapons or armor pieces that can be earned from engrams that spawn randomly out in the game at any point. Play the game and you’ll be working your way towards getting a copy of this bow for yourself. That being said the loot pool for world drops is wide, so your likelihood of getting a good roll only through world drops is low.

The other way you can obtain the Lunulata-4b is through focusing Umbral Engrams at the Helm. Umbral Engrams, much like world drops, can drop at any point while playing the game, as well as a reward at the end of an activity. You can take them to the Helm and use them to buy engrams with specific loot pools, meaning if you want to get the Lunulata-4b you’ll want to use your umbrals on the Veist Weapon focusing option. The Veist Weapon engrams can drop one of five weapons, meaning that every one you purchase will get you a 20% chance of getting the bow. This is the fastest way to obtain the god rolls you may be looking for, as long as you don’t need to use those umbral engrams elsewhere.

Out of Bounds Perk Pool

Column One

  • Natural String
  • Polymer String
  • Tactile String
  • Elastic String
  • Agile Bowstring
  • Flexible String
  • High Tension String

For both PvE and PvP, there is one clear choice for column one. Polymer String increases the Accuracy of the weapon by +5, as well as reducing the Draw Time by -40 and increasing the Charge Time by +10. This means the weapon is more accurate, shoots faster, and can be held fully drawn for longer with no reduction in damage output. Compared to the minor stat increases of the other perks, this choice is a no brainer.

Column Two

  • Fiberglass Arrowshaft
  • Helical Fletching
  • Straight Fletching
  • Carbon Arrow Shaft
  • Compact Arrow Shaft
  • Natural Fletching

For Column Two, anything that increases accuracy can work. This includes Fiberglass Arrowshaft, Helical Fletching, and Straight Fletching. Out of these perks the best would most likely be Fiberglass Arrowshaft. While it does reduce stability by -5, it does increase accuracy by +15 which is a 50% greater boost than Helical Fletching and three times as much than Straight Fletching. Your bow will take slightly more flinch, but be much more accurate with its shots and feel much better to use.

Column Three

  • Steady Hands
  • No Distractions
  • Rangefinder
  • Ensemble
  • Shoot to Loot
  • Well-Rounded

For PvE, the clear choice is Steady Hands. After getting a kill, it provides a massive handling boost to not just the Lunulata-4b, but all equipped weapons. This means it pairs great with weapons that have autoloading holster, as well as making every weapon you have feel incredibly quick and snappy.

For PvP, No Distractions and Rangefinder are both excellent options. No Distractions reduces flinch by 35% after aiming down sights for 1 second, making it an excellent option for aiming down lanes and picking off enemies that wander into your sightlines. Rangefinder increased the zoom and projectile speed of the weapon, meaning that you can hit shots from further way at no additional cost. Either option works, and your choice will depend on personal preference.

Column Four

  • Adrenaline Junkie
  • Successful Warmup
  • Headstone
  • Golden Tricorn
  • Wellspring
  • Turnabout

There is only one choice worth considering in this column, and that is Headstone. The Lunulata-4b is the only Stasis bow in the game at the current moment, meaning it is the only bow that can roll with this perk. Headstone spawns a Stasis crystal after getting a precision kill. This crystal can be used in whatever ways a player sees fit, either as something that can be destroyed to damage surrounding targets, or a source of synergy for stasis subclasses. While the weapon has some other good perks, these can be utilized by other bows better and do not lean into the Lunulata’s strengths. Headstone is a must have in both PvP and PvE.

Lunulata-4b God Rolls

Below, we’ve broken down the best rolls for the Lunulata-4b, separated by PvE and PvP activities.

  • Lunulata-4b PvE God Roll – Polymer String, Fiberglass Arrowshaft, Steady Hands, Headstone
  • Lunulata-4b PvP God Roll – Polymer String, Fiberglass Arrowshaft, Rangefinder, Headstone

The Lunulata-4b is a unique bow that is worth taking a look at for anything that enjoys using Destiny 2’s Stasis subclasses. It excels as an ad clear tool in PvE, a decent dueler in PvP, as well as a great option for making builds in general. As long as it is the only bow with the perk Headstone, it will have its place carved out as a must have for every Stasis oriented player.

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