How to Get More PC Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
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How to Get More PC Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Here's how to get more PC Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

If you’re like a lot of other Pokemaniacs diving into Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, the limited number of PC Boxes for you to store Pokemon in gave you pause. After all, you’re intent to catch every last one of the buggers that you can and don’t want to be limited by a minimal amount of storage space. As such, you’re intent on figuring out how to get more boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by any means necessary.

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We appreciate your Moxie, and we’re happy to say that we’ve got all of the answers you’re looking for in this guide on the subject.

Can You Get More PC Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Answered

The good news is that you very much can get more PC boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Not only that, but you can increase the number of boxes available to you almost immediately.

All you need to do is catch at least eight Pokemon in addition to your starter. This will allow you to keep at least one Pokemon in your party and send the rest to your PC for storage. Once you’ve done this, open the game’s main menu by pressing the X Button and scroll down to the Boxes option. Select it, and then place one of your eight stored Pokemon into each of the available PC Boxes.

Once you’ve done this and ensured that all eight of your PC Boxes have at least one creature inside of them, back out of the menu and close out the game’s main menu completely. Then, reopen the main menu and select the Boxes option. Once you do, the PC Boxes should open up with eight new Boxes available for storage, for a total of 16 available boxes to choose from.

Can You Make Even More Boxes With This Method?

Also, it’s worth noting that this process of making more PC Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet isn’t limited to one go-around.

You can repeat the process again by once again putting at least one Pokemon in each available Box. Once you do, simply back out of the Boxes and Main Menu again. Then, reopen the Main Menu and Boxes menus again to double your available PC Boxes to a grand total of 32.

Hopefully, this helped you figure out how to get more PC Boxes in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For more on the wider Pokemon series, check out any of the related articles down below. We’ve also got plenty of other guides for Scarlet and Violet, including ones on how to restart your game, which version is better, and whether or not you can catch Greninja.

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