How To Get Gold Tree Fruit (And What It Does) in Lies of P

How To Get Gold Tree Fruit in Lies of P (& What It Does)

The glitter of gold that beckons.

Like any good souls-like, Lies of P hides many secrets throughout its world for players to seek out. Side quests and collectibles can be found as you venture through the city of Krat, and meeting new characters that can open up new options is also part of the package. One of the mysteries in the game will center around the Gold Tree Fruit, and for players hoping to learn just how to get Gold Tree Fruit in Lies of P and what it does, we are here to help.

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Where to Find Gold Coin Tree

The first mention of the Gold Tree Fruit and the Gold Coin Tree in Lies of P comes when players meet Giangio on the cathedral level. The former alchemist will talk about finding the cure for the Petrification Disease, and the key to that is the Gold Tree Fruit.

Lies of P Giangio
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Proceed with the adventure and after clearing the Malum District, the game will lead players back to Giangio and open up a shortcut back to Hotel Krat, where the Gold Coin Tree has been all along.

Harvesting Gold Tree Fruit in Lies of P

Now, you’ll be able to harvest Gold Tree Fruit from the tree at any given time, but the tree will require time in order to replenish its fruits. At the beginning, it has a maximum limit of eight fruit it can grow at a time.

This can then be increased using P-Organ upgrades, with one fruit being added every 9-10 minutes. The timer only counts down when the game is active, so be sure to check back often for a full harvest.

The time required can also be reduced by using alchemical boosters that can either be found or bought, but it is hardly required if you plan on spending extended time in the game.

What to Do With Gold Tree Fruit?

With this item in hand, there are several ways in which it can be used. The first is to do some trading with Giangio, who will give you the Wishstone Cube. This cube can activate all sorts of beneficial effects as well as for Specters, and each consumable wishstone can be obtained for a set number of Gold Tree Fruit.

What to Do With Gold Tree Fruit
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The other important use of the resource is for respeccing your character at the Saintess of Mercy Statue, which is found at the end of chapter 7. This way, players can reset their level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms to chart a different course altogether.

There you have it, all the vital information about how to get Gold Tree Fruit in Lies of P and what it does. For more tips, check out the related content below. For everything else, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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