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How to Get God’s Prize in Type Soul

Let's get this powerful item!

In Type Soul there are some Legendary items that many players will want to get their hands on, and the God’s Prize is definitely one of them. But where and how could we get it? Let’s find out, then, how to get God’s Prize in Type Soul. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know!

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How Do You Get God’s Prize Item in Type Soul?

Overall, the easiest and quickest way to get your hands on the God’s Prize is by playing the ranked PvP mode.

Naturally, you can also try getting it in Raids mode, but since the God’s Prize is a legendary item, the probability that it might drop is quite low. If you get in ranked PvP matches you find yourself in the Type Soul arena, fighting against another random player. Will you be able to triumph?

A rewards match screen with the God's Prize being among the rewards.
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The God’s Prize is among the legendary items that will be awarded to the winner. But that’s not all, since winning will also net you ELO, or rather rank points, along with various loot. Of course, that is provided that you manage to win. Unfortunately, on that we can only recommend that you practice and try to get good at it, also because you need Special Grade 1 to participate in PvP ranks.

You might need to win at least twenty different matches before you get a chance to have this item. Alternatively, if you don’t have much hope of winning lots of PvP matches, you can also decide to trade for the item. But get ready to pay quite a bit for it!

What is the God’s Prize?

Quite simply, the God’s Prize is a wearable item that goes on your face and, as we mentioned, it is a Legendary one at that. Once you wear it on your face, you will get the following boost to your stats:

  • Health Points +15
  • Posture +5
  • Reitasu + 15 plus a tiny Reiatsu Regen percentage

That is all you need to know on how to get the God’s Prize. For more guides on Type Soul, we’ve got you covered, with articles on how to leave division and how to use the skill box.

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