How to Get Fuse’s ‘Razor's Edge’ Heirloom in Apex Legends
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How to Get Fuse’s ‘Razor’s Edge’ Heirloom in Apex Legends

Not quite as costly as a real guitar.

To further let players enjoy their favorite characters, Apex Legends often introduces Heirlooms. These items bear a lore-based importance to a legend and can be shown off during a match. The newest collection event, Harbingers, includes a new Heirloom for Fuse called the Razor’s Edge, a sleek guitar.

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How to Unlock ‘Razor’s Edge’ Fuse Heirloom

While the main method is a little costly, it is the only guaranteed way to get it within a decent amount of time.

Buy Harbingers Collection Event Packs

The easiest (but expensive) method is to buy all 24 packs in the Harbingers Collection Event. This will cost you between $150 and $160, depending on what Apex Coin bundles you buy. With all items collected, you simply get the Heirloom as an added bonus. You can offset this by crafting event items. However, they come at a high cost, which means crafting more than one or two is probably not an option.

Earn Heirloom Shards

This is a crazy amount of chance or patience, but it will eventually bear fruit. Every single Apex Pack has the chance to drop Heirloom Shards, but that probability is incredibly low. Every pack has a 1-in-500 chance to give you a bonus of shards, with a guarantee of getting them on your 500th pack if you haven’t already. Once they are gained, the 1-in-500 chance resets.

The 150 shards gained from this are the full amount needed to buy any Heirloom. However, if you get them before the Harbingers event ends, you will have to wait until the Razor’s Edge enters the Mythics menu to actually unlock it.

For all those Fuse mains out there, Razor’s Edge is the ultimate accessory. For more guides on other Heirlooms and general Apex Legends content, check out our links below.

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