How To Fix Warzone 2.0 “Timed Out Waiting for Achievements” Error

Here's a few solutions for Warzone 2.0 "Timed Out Waiting for Achievements" error.

Errors are commonplace in any multiplayer experience, and Call of Duty is home to numerous issues that take time to resolve. One issue, in particular, seems to be targeting the battle pass, causing players to struggle to complete their purchase of the in-game rewards system. If you’re experiencing this issue, read on to discover how to fix the Warzone 2.0 ‘Timed Out Waiting for Achievements’ error.

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Fixing Warzone 2.0 “Timed Out Waiting for Achievements” Error

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As mentioned, this issue seems to impact players who are in the middle of purchasing the battle pass. Usually, what will occur is when spending your battle tokens, the game will timeout during the process and grant you the issue. The most common solution is to hold off and wait before purchasing the battle pass or spending tokens. The majority of reports mention this is a server issue as, with any new season launch, server stress is at an all-time high.

However, if the issue prevails, a pair of solutions to try would be to restart your game and check for updates or contact Activision support. It’s important to note, this most likely isn’t a problem on your side, so patience is key with this issue. The good news is, having experienced this issue personally, I didn’t lose anything upon resolving the issue.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix Warzone 2.0 “Timed Out Waiting for Achievements” error. Below, you’ll find plenty of related content to help out with any issues you may be experiencing such as the “Purchase Modern Warfare 2” error, how to mute and unmute players, or how to fix the failed connection error.

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