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How To Fix Warzone 2.0 Not Downloading

Having trouble downloading Warzone 2.0? Read on for potential solutions.

Warzone 2 is subject to a wide range of errors and bugs, such as timed-out connections, in-game rewards bugging out, and much more. A relatively common error impacting players is the game not downloading at all, and that’s not great if you’re excited to hop into the battlefield. If you’re experiencing this issue, read up on how to fix Warzone 2.0 not downloading.

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Fixes for Warzone 2.0 Not Downloading

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This issue, in particular, is tricky to diagnose as many factors may impact your download. The most common issue is, of course, server stress, given how popular Warzone 2.0 is. In that instance, your best bet would be to wait a bit before trying to complete your download. However, below are a few more tips you may want to look at:

  • Cancel the download, restart your console/PC, and then restart the download.
    • Restarting your platform is the age-old solution for most problems. While you’re doing that, a good thing to check would be your internet connection to make sure it’s 100% working.
  • Check your download settings.
    • This step is way simpler for console players, as they only have to make sure their not downloading or updating anything at the same time.
  • Going off of the last point, PC players on, follow this step.
    • has a feature enabled that limits your download width, which impacts how fast you download a game. Open up, click on settings in the top left on your screen, select downloads, and under network bandwidth, you’ll see “limit download bandwidth.” If this is on, it’s essentially throttling how fast you can download a game, turn it off.
    • Also, be sure to make sure your PC is up to date on driver and system updates.
  • For Steam players, follow this step.
    • Much like, Steam users can check on their download settings. Simply open up Steam, click on Steam in the top left, select settings, and hit downloads. From there, you’ll discover similar settings that player encounter, such as limiting download bandwidth, which you want off.
    • From there, you can also try changing your download region to see if that resolves or speeds up your download.

That’s all you need to know about how to fix Warzone 2.0 not downloading. Be sure to check out our related troubleshooting tips, such as the “Timed Out Waiting for Achievements” battle pass error, how to solve the “Purchase Modern Warfare 2 To Access Everything” error, or how to fix the failed connection error.

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