How to Defeat the Dead Bride in The First Descendant - Viessa with a submachine gun running after enemies

How to Defeat the Dead Bride in The First Descendant

Let's defeat the bride!

You will find many difficult bosses in The First Descendant, but the Dead Bride is one of the first fights that’ll give you some trouble. So, if you want to know more about it, keep reading to know all about how to defeat the Dead Bride in The First Descendant.

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The First Descendant Dead Bride Boss Guide

The Dead Bride fight takes place in a big arena, with many pillars that you can use to hide behind. So, practice using them, taking a few shots and then taking cover as soon as possible. This will be your main tactic here!

Going in, it’s a good idea to bring in the Antifreeze Solution, which gives you Chill resistance against some of the Dead Bride’s attacks. We’d also recommend using a strong Submachine Gun for a high rate of fire.

What you want to do, in order to have a better chance at trying to survive what is a long boss fight, since the Dead Bride has a ton of health and shield points as well, is play so that all members of your team employ different tactics. Some members should get close and grapple the Dead Bride, thus attracting her missiles and ice attacks. Others can then stay behind and target her with as many shots in her weak areas: the chest and head.

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Dead Bride Attacks

The Dead Bride has the following attacks:

  • Missile attacks: These do a ton of damage. Try to avoid them by moving around or using cover.
  • Frost attack: You can recognize it by her raising her arm and evoking a snowflake over her head. She will shoot icicles and also create ice on the ground. Be quick on your feet and careful where you step.
  • Area ice attack: When you cannot damage her anymore and see “immune”, then the Dead Bride is about to launch her strongest attack yet. It’s an aura attack that will damage everyone inside it. Run away as fast as possible and take this time to recover.
  • Ice slam attack: Similar to the snowflake effect, she will slam close to her and cause ice columns to slam to the ground. It causes significant damage, so better keep your distance.

Take advantage of the moments when the boss is staggered and bends over. At this point, you can lay down your maximum amount of DPS. Focusing on breaking down her armor, starting from the shoulder pads. Breaking each of them will trigger the stagger state, which you can use to shoot her weaker points.

Take care that you don’t run out of ammo during this long boss fight, and that someone on the team is taking care of that. Once her shield is down, it’s just a matter of keeping the firepower up and avoiding her strongest attacks, until she goes down.

That’s all we have for you on how to defeat the Dead Bride in The First Descendant. For more guides on the game, check out our articles on how to add friends in the First Descendant and what the max level is.

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