How to Complete Cecile Quest in Lies of P
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How to Complete Cecile Quest in Lies of P

Help out a nun.

As you explore St. Frangelico Cathedral in Lies of P, you may meet with a nun named Cecile inside the library. The woman will ask you to bring her the Archbishop’s Holy Mark, and luckily, its location is not too far from your current position.

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How to Get & Use The Archbishop’s Holy Mark in Lies of P

You can find the Archbishop’s Holy Mark inside the Archbishop’s room on the upper floor. From the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library Stargazer, you will need to enter the entrance to your left. Defeat all monsters blocking your path, take the stairs, cross the bridge, and go down another flight of stairs.

You will arrive inside a large chamber with a black pool that inflicts the Decay status effect. To avoid damage, you must wade through the corrupted water quickly and pass through a large hole in the wall to your left. The spiraling stairs in the following chamber will lead you to a room containing an elite enemy.

The Archbishop's Holy Mark location in Lies of P.
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Once you defeat the monster, you can run up the spiraling stairs and follow the path until you see an entrance with two angel statues. Inside the Archbishop’s room, you will encounter a regular enemy guarding the Archbishop’s Holy Mark on the ground.

Now, you just need to return to Cecile, and you can use a nearby shortcut to reach the library. You will find an iron ladder in the adjacent room. After climbing down, you will discover a metal door. Unlock it, and you’ll step into the library, where Cecile is waiting for you.

I recommend giving the Archbishop’s Holy Mark to Cecile before facing the Fallen Archbishop, Andreus. If you kill the mutated Archbishop first and then speak with Cecile, the woman will become aggressive and attack you. She will drop a Vivid Ergo Fragment once you beat her.

Should you give the Archbishop’s Holy Mark before fighting the boss, she will give you an Attribute Resistance Ampoule. That’s not the only reward, though. You must defeat the Fallen Archbishop and then return to the library.

Cecile quest rewards in Lies of P.
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Cecile will be missing, but you can pick up Cecile’s Written Confession and the Divine Service record at her previous spot. Reading the letter will give you the Pray gesture, which you can use from the Inventory screen.

Besides completing Cecile’s request, you can also help other poor souls in Lies of P. In Elysion Boulevard, you can find the Weeping Woman, who’s looking for her missing baby. If you complete this side quest, you will also obtain another beautiful piece of music that you can play at Hotel Krat.

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