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How to Complete Book Hunt Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It's time to take Belle on an adventure!

Like any book lover, Belle has set her sights on Dreamlight Valley’s library. Unfortunately, Merlin has forbidden her from interacting with his collection. The only way to persuade him to let you access this area is by returning the novels other residents have seemingly forgotten about. To do this, we’ll show you how to complete the Book Hunt quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, allowing Belle to start her reading journey.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Book Hunt Quest Guide

The first part of the Book Hunt quest in DDV requires you to talk to Goofy, Remy, Mirabel, and Scrooge McDuck. Luckily, Goofy will provide you with the Bear in Mind novel right away. However, the rest will mandate some extra steps for Belle’s quest.

Crafty Creatures Book Location

According to Mirabel, the Crafty Creatures items can be found at the Plaza. It can appear randomly, so look around the area for a sparkling object. We found it near Dream Castle’s fountain, but of course, it can spawn in another location.

Crafty Creatures Book Location in DDV Book Hunt Quest
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Extradoniary RATventures Book Location

The Extradoniary RATventures is located in the waters of Dazzle Beach. You can go to the wooden platform near Goofy’s Stall, where you must use the fishing rod to cast it on the golden spot.

Extradoniary RATventures Book Location in DDV Book Hunt Quest
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Coin Pool Theory Book Location

You can find the last item for the Book Hunt quest by digging up an illuminated spot in Dazzle Beach. Based on our experience, we found it near the sands of the Atlantis cave, which seems to be the most common area. You may have difficulty uncovering this novel like we did, but you can gradually move your character near it until the Interact button appears.

Coin Pool Theory Book Location in DDV Book Hunt Quest
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Dreamlight Library Location

With all the books on hand, you’ll need to listen to Belle and Merlin’s conversation, permitting you to go to Dreamlight Library (Merlin’s house.) Players can find this home at the Peaceful Meadow unless they have moved the structure when world-building.

Dreamlight Library Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley Book Hunt Quest
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Upon entry, you can speak to Belle to answer her book questionnaire for the Disney Dreamlight Valley Book Hunt quest.

All Disney Dreamlight Valley Book Hunt Quest Answers

Belle will ask you to organize the items properly by choosing the following dialogue options:

  • Crafty Creatures – Wandless Arts and Crafts.
  • Coin Pool Theory – Monetary Physics and Swim Strokes.
  • Cursed Negotiations: Making Better Devious Deals – Magical Contract Law.

After you complete Belle’s questionnaire, she will be satisfied with your answers, and you can unlock the next storyline by reaching Level 4 in her relationship level. If you want to achieve this rank quickly, you can check out our How to Increase Friendship Level Fast guide.

Now that you’ve finished the Book Hunt quest in DDV, you can find out about other residents by checking out our All Characters guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below to view more Disney Dreamlight Valley content.

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