Defeating The Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

How to Beat The Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P

Let the Watchman take a rest.

One thing Lies of P isn’t shy about is throwing dangerous and huge enemies at the player. More often than not, these are the types of bosses that will stand in the player’s way of progressing further into the story. While you can most certainly try to get the better of them through sheer force of will, this guide on how to beat the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P will hopefully help you save some precious time via some helpful strategies.

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How to Prep for Lies of P Scrapped Watchman Boss Fight

There is a good reason why Lies of P introduces the mechanic of summoning a Spectral Ally right before you take on this boss. The Scrapped Watchman is a dangerous foe, and having a Specter to help take some attention off you is highly recommended.

As such, we highly recommend bringing an NPC ally into this fight. Doing so allows you to take some of the pressure off of yourself while he attempts to smear your spectral friend into mush.

Lies of P Scrapped Watchman Boss Guide

As a large foe, the Scrapped Watchman can use either its large arms or its body to cause you harm. With this in mind, approach with caution and only attack when it is done with its combos. If you are not confident in your ability to perform a Perfect Guard, it is absolutely fine to continually dodge backward while it goes about its business.

The boss will eventually cry out and unleash an electrical burst within its immediate vicinity. This initial attack is only the beginning, as the surrounding areas will now be charged with sections of crackling electricity. These will explode intermittently, so avoid the area as much as possible. The Scrapped Watchman’s attacks will also leave the same electrical pools behind, so always be sure to block twice or dodge again to avoid being caught.

Beating the Scrapped Watchman in Lies of P
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Lastly, when it starts to rear back, put some distance between you and the enemy to avoid getting grabbed. This extended attack deal heavy damage, and could end any player who isn’t keeping their health up.

As usual, when the opportunity presents itself, use a Charge Attack to stagger the opponent and use a Fatal Strike. Pick your moments between his attacks to deal some damage, and don’t be lured into one of his harder hitting moves by being greedy.

With the help of the Specter, the Scrapped Watchman will go down eventually, rewarding you with a piece of Quartz, the Broken Hero’s Ergo, and the key items of the Overcharged Storage Battery, Core, and Small Wooden Officer Puppet.

That’s all the key info we have to share regarding the Scrapped Watchman boss fight in Lies of P. For more help with the game, check out our other guides below.

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