How to Skip Cutscenes in FIFA 23

How to Skip Cutscenes in FIFA 23

Need to learn how to skip cutscenes in FIFA 23? Let us help.

While the bulk of the game is spent on the pitch, sometimes, there can be cutscenes in FIFA 23 that you might not necessarily have the time for. Whether it be in Career Mode or the FUT mode, skipping past all of that gets you back into the action much quicker. Here is everything you need to know about how to skip cutscenes in FIFA 23.

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Skipping Cutscenes in FIFA 23

Skipping these cutscenes will require different button inputs depending on the platform you are playing on. To get you up to speed, refer to the helpful table below:

PlatformHow to Skip Cutscenes
PS4/5Press and hold Square
Xbox One/Xbox Series X|SPress and hold X
Nintendo SwitchPress and hold Y

When you hold down the correct button, a circle will start to fill in at the bottom left corner of the screen. Once it has been filled, the cutscene will be skipped and you are free to move on. This works in Career Mode, FUT, and Volta, so go ahead and save yourself some precious time for the Beautiful Game instead.

That is all you’ll need to know about how to skip cutscenes in FIFA 23. If you’re still looking for more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our other guides for the game or the related content below.

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