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How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 23

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How to Sell Consumables in FIFA 23

Selling consumables is another way to earn coins in FIFA 23.

When it comes to FIFA’s Ultimate Team, making money is the name of the game. There are various ways for players to earn coins—FIFA’s in-game currency—ranging from playing matches and completing objectives to selling players. But for those that don’t want to resort to selling their players to do so, this guide is going to talk you through how to sell consumables in FIFA 23.

Guide to Selling Consumables in FIFA 23

There are a few ways to sell your consumables in FIFA 23, as listed below:

  • By selling them in-game.
  • By selling them through the mobile app.
  • By selling them through the web app.

We’ll go over each of these methods in a little bit more detail here.

Selling Consumables In-Game

Image Source: EA Sports via Twinfinite

Whether intentional or not, menus have never been as straightforward as they could be with EA Sports. Nevertheless, selling consumables in-game is straightforward once you get there. In order to do this, players must boot up Ultimate Team and then stay on the ‘Home’ menu. It gets needlessly annoying after this.

  1. Select the Transfers option located bottom-middle of your screen.

    You’ll be given three options: Transfer Market, Transfer List, and Transfer Targets.

  2. Select Transfer List, and then click in the left joystick.

  3. Search for Consumables in the Club Search function after clicking the left joystick.

From there, players can either choose to list their consumables on the transfer market or quick sell them if they’re looking for coins fast.

Selling Consumables via the Mobile App

Once you have downloaded or updated the FUT Companion app to its latest edition, it will be very easy to navigate the menus in order to sell consumables. In the app, you’ll want to find the Club menu located on the bottom-right side of your screen.

From there, you’ll see four options: Players, Quick Sell Recovery, Consumables, and Staff. Select Consumables and from there, choose which type you’d like to sell—whether it be Contracts, Healing, Positioning, Chemistry Styles, or Manager Leagues.

Players can choose to either quick sell these items or list them on the transfer market and hope to spark a bidding war.

Selling Consumables via the Web App

Image Source: EA Sports via Twinfinite

Selling consumables over the online web application works exactly the same way, it’s just that the layout is slightly different. Find the Club menu near the bottom-left side of your screen and do exactly what you’d do on the mobile app. All of the options remain the same.

Now, that’s everything players need to know with regards to selling consumables in FIFA 23. It’s a solid way to make a few extra coins relatively quickly, and it’s a very straightforward process. Not only that, but players can easily stock up on consumables through packs and specific objectives. At the end of the day, you will always have something to sell. Whether it’s worth anything or not is another matter entirely.

If you’re looking for more FIFA 23-related content, don’t go anywhere! Twinfinite has several more guides including but not limited to the best Serie A players and how chemistry works in Ultimate Team—as well as plenty more information at the links below. So don’t be afraid to send a question our way; we’ll be thrilled to help in any way we can.

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