How to Score Chip Shots in FIFA 23

Master the chip shot in FIFA 23.

How to Score Chip Shots in FIFA 23

In a game like football, being one on one with the goalkeeper doesn’t always mean you’ll score. In fact, with the best goalkeepers out there, it can be even more daunting to be up close and personal with them. However, a normal shot isn’t your only option, and if you are trying to be cheeky, you will need to know everything about how to score a chip shot in FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23 Chip Shot Controls

Similar to real-life games, seeing a goalkeeper get chipped is always going to be an impressive feat. To do the same in FIFA 23, this is what you will have to do depending on the system you are playing on.

PlatformChip Shot Input
PlayStation 4/PS5Hold L1 and press Circle
Xbox One/Xbox Series X|SHold LB and press B
Nintendo SwitchHold L and press A

However, be sure to gauge your power and distance correctly, and don’t forget about aiming using the left analog stick. This will give you the best chance of success while trying to execute a chip shot in FIFA 23.

With the new penalty kick system in FIFA 23, a Panenka penalty is more about timing, so take your risks accordingly. With enough practice, an onrushing goalkeeper becomes an opportunity rather than an obstacle to your team’s success.

There you go, all you’ll need to know about how to score a chip shot in FIFA 23. For more help about FIFA 23, be sure to consult our guides on topics such as the best Bundesliga players, the best Serie A players, or the inclusion of AFC Richmond in the game.

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