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How To Report Players in Phasmophobia

Here's how you can finally report players in Phasmophobia.

2020 horror darling Phasmophobia is getting a brand-new update featuring several fan-requested features. One of these is the long-awaited ability to report players who engage in wrongful behavior, something that’s extremely noticeable in such a tense horror game. Here’s how you’ll be able to report players in Phasmophobia.

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Reporting Players in Phasmophobia

As of right now, Kinetic Games has not confirmed exactly how you’ll be able to report players in Phasmophobia. All the developer has confirmed is that it will be there, on top of a host of new content and improvements to the overall game, including custom difficulty options.

As a result, it’s not clear whether reporting is the kind of thing that will be done with a simple button press or a separate option within one of the in-game menus. That said, with the update launching extremely soon (Sept. 27), it won’t be long until we officially learn how this new feature works.

That’s all we’ve got on how to report players in Phasmophobia. If you want to know more about the new features included in this update, Twinfinite has you covered.

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