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How Many Seasons Will Record of Ragnarok Have? Explained

How Many Seasons Will Records of Ragnarok Get? Explained

How Many Seasons Will Record of Ragnarok Have? Explained

How long until the final round?

The Record of Ragnarok anime may have gotten off to a rocky start, but its second season course-corrected the series toward an upward trajectory. As a result the show is now a much-loved staple of the Seinin battle genre, and fans are eagerly awaiting new seasons. Given the fights that will occur have already been established though, there’s only so many seasons it could have, giving rise to the question: How many seasons will Record of Ragnarok have?

Based on the information available, we’ve can at least hazard a guess.

How Many Seasons Will the Record of Ragnarok Anime Get? Explained

Given the current pacing of the series, we’d estimate that Record of Ragnarok will receive either six or seven seasons. This is based on two key factors. One is how many rounds of the series’ tournament are set to take place.

The rules of the tournament state that the first team to reach seven victories will be the winner, with the maximum possible number of rounds being 13. Fighters have also been established which could and would be used for up to 13 fights, meaning the series’ creators Takumi Fukui, Shinya Umemura, and Ajichika have most likely planned out all 13 rounds worth of battles.

While the tournament could end before reaching this point — and likely would if the manga series flagged in sales, resulting in its cancellation — the continued success of the series means it should be able to reach this point with ease.

The second factor is the rate at which the anime covers material from the manga. The first season of Record of Ragnarok adapted three fights from the series, whereas the second season only covered two. This was likely due to the change in pacing as the manga continued its publication: Whereas the first few fights in the series wrapping up much more quickly, the fights that followed have played out much more slowly and with more detail given to characters’ backgrounds and motivations.

As a result, it wouldn’t really be feasible for Record of Ragnarok to cover more than two fights per season unless it started skipping over major chunks of the story. The upcoming seasons would in turn be limited to two fights at most, with the latter fights potentially getting their own seasons if yet more time and detail is given to them in the manga.

When Will Each Record of Ragnarok Season Come Out?

With all of that said though, we aren’t likely to see releases of the Record of Ragnarok anime without sizable gaps between seasons. Due to the anime releasing content much more quickly than the manga has released new chapters, there’s a growing drought of content that can be adapted.

Even if the anime only adapts the manga at a rate of two fights per season, it would still catch up to the source material within a few years at most. Worsening this is the fact that the series releases monthly, meaning only 12 new chapters are released per year barring breaks or hiatuses.

This may come as a bit of a bummer for those who were hoping to see the series conclude quickly, but there is a silver lining: The show will continue to be a staple within the anime medium for years to come.

That’s all the info we can provide regarding how many seasons Record of Ragnarok will have. For more on the series, check out the slew of related articles we’ve written on the series down below.

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