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How Does Henry & Sam Die in The Last of Us Game? Answered

Endure and Survive.

Whether it is the video game or the HBO show, The Last of Us is filled with a lot of death, and this doesn’t exclude characters we care about. In Episode 5, titled Endure and Survive, there is an unfortunate amount of this, especially when it comes to characters fans come to know and love. Here is everything you need to know about how Henry and Sam Die in The Last of Us game and show.

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How Do Henry and Sam Die in The Last of Us Game?

In The Last of Us game, Sam ends up getting infected, though it isn’t known until after they’ve escaped the people that are chasing them throughout Kansas City.

Sam is too afraid to tell anyone about a bite he suffered from an infected, and when the group wake up in the morning, the younger brother’s infection has fully taken hold.

Henry takes it upon himself to kill Sam so that Joel and Ellie don’t have to. Right after he does this, he then decides to kill himself, as he can’t bear what he just had to do to his brother.

How Do Henry & Sam Die in HBO’s The Last of Us?

Sam and Henry’s deaths are almost identical in HBO’s The Last of Us.

While Sam does show Ellie his bite and she tries to heal it by rubbing her immune blood on it, he still winds up becoming infected. Sam attacks Ellie in the morning after the infection progresses, to which Henry pauses when killing him, though he eventually does. Again, after realizing what he’s done, he shoots himself in the head.

Ellie and Joel bury the two outside of the hotel they slept in, and a shot of Sam’s etch-e-sketch device simply says, “I’m Sorry” on it.

That is everything you need to know about how Henry and Sam Die in The Last of Us game and show. For more on the show, including all the deaths so far, be sure to check out the rest of Twinfinite’s coverage down below.

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