How Did Misty Reunite With Ash In Pokemon? Answered

Ash's first friend is his traveling companion once again.

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Ash Ketchum has had plenty of companions in his Pokemon journey. Goh was the latest friend he traveled with and bid farewell to after he became the Pokemon World Champion. But long-term fans will always hold Misty in high esteem since she was Ash’s original companion. Two decades since she was last seen as part of the main cast, Misty has returned as a major character in the anime. So, is she back for good, and how did Misty make her return to Pokemon?

How Did Misty Return In The Pokemon Anime? Answered

Misty is officially Ash’s traveling companion once more in the Pokemon anime. The protagonist’s first friend on the road came back into his life when he and Misty both vied to catch the same Pokemon. As it turns out, Misty is once again on her own Pokemon journey. She explained to Ash that watching his victory over Leon to become the Pokemon World Champion inspired her to begin her travels once more.

Their reunion began when Ash arrived at a pond where he spotted a Clauncher, only for Misty to prevent him from claiming it. The two friends quickly returned to their bickering ways, though, as they argued over who got to catch the Clauncher. As it usually goes in the Pokemon anime, a battle ensued to determine the Clauncher’s master.

Surprisingly, Ash ended up losing the contest, which gave Misty the right to catch the Pokemon. However, Misty wasn’t done with Ash and followed him and Pikachu when they resumed their journey. Although Ash caught her sneaking around, he and Pikachu decided to reunite with Misty as their traveling companion. As a result, Misty and Ash are once again together in their exploration of the Pokemon world. This time, there’s no bicycle that Ash has to compensate her with, so the two will be on their journey for a while.

The Pokemon anime is currently in its final arc where Ash’s story is concerned. The 11-episode series, known as Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master, will also bring back Brock in due course. The idea is to reunite Ash with his original companions before he and Pikachu’s final adventures come to a close. With Misty officially here, it’s only a matter of time until the anime opens up a story for Brock to return as well.

And with that, you’ve got your answer as to how Misty reunited with Ash in the Pokemon anime. For more information about the series, take a look at some of our related articles down below.

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