How Are People Playing Hogwarts Legacy Already?

Why wait?

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Few franchises can inspire wonder the way Harry Potter has, so of course fans want to play Hogwarts Legacy as soon as possible to experience the open world magic title. If you’re wondering how you can jump in as early as today, you’re in the right place; here’s everything you need to now on how people can play Hogwarts Legacy early.

How Are People Enjoying Hogwarts Legacy Already? Answered

Like many modern games, Hogwarts Legacy offers early access to players: if you pre-ordered the physical Collector’s Edition or Digital Deluxe Edition you have three day early access, or four days if you change your PlayStation or Xbox store region to New Zealand. The hardest part is figuring out what time of day on Feb. 6, 2023, early access begins in your time zone, so reference the list below.

  • PST: 3am
  • EST: 6am
  • GMT: 11am
  • CET: 12pm
  • IST: 4:30pm
  • CST: 7pm
  • JST: 8pm
  • AEDT: 10pm

If you only purchased the Standard edition of the game, this trick works on Feb. 9, 2023, at the same times. There are plenty of opportunities to watch popular Twitch streamers play Hogwarts Legacy so you can still experience some of the magic early and earn drops.

Hogwarts Legacy officially releases on Feb. 10, 2023 for 5th gen consoles and PC, but was delayed for Switch until July 25, 2023.

That’s everything we have on playing Hogwarts Legacy early. Check out some of our other Hogwarts Legacy content to prepare yourself for the wizarding wonders that lie ahead.

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