How to Use High-Speed Mode (& What It Is) in Trails Through Daybreak
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How to Use High-Speed Mode in Trails Through Daybreak

The best way to quickly get through dungeons.

One of the best parts of the Trails games ever since they started getting re-releases is that they include some variation of High-Speed Mode. Though many games in the series give it varied names, it all does roughly the same thing. However, with Trails Through Daybreak as a potential starting point for new fans, High-Speed Mode might require some explanation.

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What Is High-Speed Mode in Trails Through Daybreak? Answered

If you’ve ever been playing an older JRPG and wished you could speed up the game, the Trails series makes that wish a reality. High-Speed Mode gives the game a x2 speed boost across everything. This means all walking, animations, and battles are sped up, so you aren’t stuck slogging through the slow parts. Speeding up on foot traversal is especially useful, as you can cross wider fields in a relatively short amount of time.

On PlayStation, it is toggled by pressing the left side of the touchpad, but the keybindings for Switch and PC are found at the bottom of Controls in the Settings menu.

Trails Through Daybreak lets you customize battle speed more than previous games in the series. As combat is separated into Field or Command battles, they get individual speed adjustments.

High-Speed Mode Settings
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Field battles can be x1.0, x1.5, or x2.0. However, if you need to fine-tune your dodging or avoid the attacks of a strong enemy, you are probably better off with the default x1.5. The x2.0 comes in handy when returning to an early-game dungeon for a new quest.

Command battles are completely up to personal preference, as they are turn-based, and you’re really only speeding up the animations. Trails Through Daybreak lacks an auto-battle mechanic, so x4.0 is the closest you’ll get.

Quests with choices (like Race in the Capitol) are unaffected by High-Speed Mode, as there isn’t any time limit when picking dialogue options.

This should give you all the information you need to decide whether to use High-Speed Mode in Trails Through Daybreak. I have used it for every single Trails game. The only downside is that you can’t really live without it, as once you turn it off, everything looks far too slow.

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