Tier List Ranking All Best Characters For Guild of Guardians
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Guild of Guardians Tier List – Ranking Best Characters

Optimize your Guardians Squad!

If you’re into gaming-based NFTs, chances are you’ve already heard about this game. Guild of Guardians is a free-to-play roleplaying game that gives its players the chance to earn Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Aside from the NFT part, the game itself is pretty fun with players leading their party through dungeons and facing off different enemies. While building your squad, if you’re confused about the effectiveness of characters, our Guild of Guardians tier list will make things easier for you.

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Tier List For Best Characters in Guild of Guardians

Ranking the best Characters in Guild of Guardians Tier List
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STavros, Cyrus, Lia, TianLong, Phoenicia, Freia, Prielle
AOxellus, Tieroc, Kharkuk, Rufus, Helia, Morax, Takati
BTusgrog, Elohatt, Flix, Herne, Tybor, Ennara
CAtticus, Ewindel, Duren, Miera, Salve, Grine, Kwitare
DThorit, Ashwyn, Bahram, Lixiss, Brund, Gwynn, Balor

These are all the top-ranking characters that you should play in Guild of Guardians. The list contains a diverse set of characters from different archetypes i.e. Tanks, Warriors, Rangers, Assassins, Mages, and Support. For example, S-Tier contains more DPS characters compared to B-Tier where most of the characters have shields and work well in defensive strategies.

What Are The Best Guild of Guardians Characters?

Guild of Guardians is all about choosing a balanced set of heroes for every role and devising strategy around them. Like if you’re going for a damage-heavy squad, I recommend keeping at least one tank and a healer to support the damage dealers. For example, a combination of Prielle, Tieroc, Morax, Rufus, and Lia is our go-to combination of heroes.

Only with an effective team, you be able to clear out dungeons fast enough and earn more rewards in a shorter time span. Isn’t that what it’s really about? Earning more rewards and making a bank faster? Just hope that you roll any one or two of the characters from the S-Tier in the beginning and the rest of the journey will only be easier.

Well, that’s all you need to know about the best Guild of Guardians characters ranking in our tier list. If you’re interested in tier lists based on mobile games, check out the Jujutsu Duel tier list, the Solo Leveling Arise weapon tier list, and the Squad Busters unit tier list.

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