every book located in vanaheim in god of war ragnarok
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God of War Ragnarok: All Book Locations in Vanaheim

Where to find every book in Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

In God of War Ragnarok, it may not seem like it at first, but Kratos is a man of culture; he’s not all brawn and no brains. He quickly unravels riddles, has a curious mind, and even reads poetry. You’ll find several books throughout your travels known as Kvasir’s Poems. While you’re in Freya’s home realm, use this guide to help pinpoint all book locations in Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok.

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All Kvasir’s Poem Book Locations in Vanaheim in God of War Ragnarok

Book #1 Location – The Southern Wilds

book location in the southern wilds of vanaheim in god of war ragnarok
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You’ll naturally come across this book in God of War Ragnarok during the main story quest ‘The Reckoning,’ but if you’re way past that then you can start off by heading to The Southern Wilds mystic gate.

  1. Starting at the Southern Wilds’ mystic gate, follow the path north until you reach the old Vanaheim marketplace.
  2. Near the center of the marketplace is a section of a building much taller than the rest. You can climb to the top using the Blades of Chaos.
  3. Look down and you’ll see a floor that can also be broken with the Blades of Chaos. It’s there where you can pick up the first book.

Book #2 Location – The Sinkholes

book location in the sinkholes of vanaheim in god of war ragnarok
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Just before the main quest ‘Creature of Prophecy’ ends, on your way out of Vanaheim, you’ll encounter Helka, the bloodhound of Freyr’s group. Follow her to start the Favour ‘Scent of Survival.’ This leads you into The Crater, a whole new area of Vanaheim to explore, which in doing so will also start the Favour ‘Quaking Hollow.’

  1. Complete the Favour ‘Quaking Hollow.’ You’ll naturally gain this quest as you make your way through another Favour ‘Scent of Survival.’
  2. After defeating the Crag Jaw to complete ‘Quaking Hollow,’ go to the back of the arena. You’ll see red vines. Destroy them with Hex Arrows + Blades of Chaos.
  3. Follow through the opening to find the corpse of a Traveler. Next to him is one of Kvasir’s books, Eastern Spectre.

Book #3 Location – The Jungle

book location in the jungles of vanaheim in god of war ragnarok
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The last and final book is An Organisation: In the Future. It too cannot be picked up until you’ve reached The Crater, which is available at the end of the main quest ‘Creature of Prophecy,’ just before you return to Sindri’s house.

  1. Use the mystic gate to travel to The Western Plains. Change the day to night before jumping down the ledge.
  2. To your right you’ll see a small ledge. Climb up and follow the path, keeping the rock wall to your right. Along the way you’ll see a massive valley with a temple on the other side. Keep following the path to reach it.
  3. As you enter the temple, you’ll come to a large gap. Use the wall to your left to reach the other side and pick up the book, An Organisation: In the Future.

And that marks the last of the book locations in Vanaheim for God of War Ragnarok. Be sure to check out our other guides on the various collectibles in the game, like all book locations in Midgard or where to find all flowers for The Florist Trophy in God of War Ragnarok.

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