location of all artifacts in svartalfheim in god of war ragnarok
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God of War Ragnarok: All Artifact Locations in Svartalfheim

Where to locate every artifact in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok.

Over two dozen collectibles are scattered across the realms in God of War Ragnarok, from buried treasure to artifacts linked to various cultures. You’ll practically trip over several throughout the main story, some are hidden in plain sight, while others won’t be found without a bit of exploring. While in the realm of the dwarves, you can use our guide here to find all artifact locations in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok.

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Every Artifact Location in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok

Artifact Location #1 – Aurvangar Wetlands

artifact located in aurvangar wetlands in svartalfheim in god of war ragnarok
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The Hreimar’s Brassard can be picked up when you first visit Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok. As you move further in, you’ll come to a waterwheel that needs to be adjusted to pass. There are a series of geysers that have to be frozen to maneuver around the island nearby.

  1. Two geysers are situated beside one another, accompanied by a plateau. Freeze the geyser between the bridges to jump the gap.
  2. Now freeze the geyser hugging the plateau.
  3. Use the Blades of Chaos to grapple to the top. Next to a corpse is the artifact Hreimar’s Brassard.

Artifact Location #2 – The sewers of Nidavellir

artifact located in the sewers of nidavellir in svartalfheim for god of war ragnarok
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During the main story, when you’re looking for Tyr, you’ll have to search the sewers of Nidavellir. After obtaining the sonic arrows from Sindri, you’ll be asked to test them out, which creates an opening that leads to your next destination.

  1. Go into the tunnel uncovered by using Atreus’ sonic arrows.
  2. As soon as you pop out at the other end, look to your left to see a small set of stairs leading to a hallway covered by barrels. Break the barrels and head inside; it’s lit by torches.
  3. The path opens up to an area that’s experiencing a bit of flooding with a bridge overhead. Under the bridge is the artifact Griep’s Firebomb.

Artifact Location #3 – Outside the Forge

an artifact located at The Forge in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok
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On the path to finding Tyr, you’ll have to board a series of trams. After stepping off the first tram ride, you can find Bari’s Grenade before venturing on.

  1. Follow the walkway leading away from the trams and take the path not blocked by a carriage. You’ll see it leads further into The Forge.
  2. From there, you’ll see two paths: the right leads further in, and the left is a small ledge to climb. Take the left path.
  3. Jump down from the ledge at the other end. Break the wooden scaffolding and crate to reveal another artifact in Svartalfheim.

Artifact Location #4 – Jarnsmida Pitmines

an artifact located at jarnsmida pitmines in svartalfheim in god of war ragnarok
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After punching your way out of the second tram ride in Svartalfheim, jump down two platforms near the pond at the middle of Jarnsmida Pitmines.

  1. Look down towards the pond to see a mystic gateway that’s covered in bramble. Keep that area in mind because it’s your target.
  2. Now look for a giant stone pillar. You should’ve seen it on your way down from the crashed tram. Next to it is a ledge you can climb down from using the chain.
  3. After descending to the bottom, walk to the edge of the pond to pick up the artifact Lofnheid’s Whetstone.

Artifact Location #5 – The Applecore

an artifact located at the applecore in svartalfheim in god of war ragnarok
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While you’re in The Applecore, you’ll come to a circular building, which connects to the various areas to explore. One path leads to a wall of gold that needs to be destroyed in order to reach the artifact Althjof’s Statue.

  1. To break the gold wall, face it and take the path left leading away. On the first right, hop down. This will give you a clear vantage point to throw the Leviathan Axe toward a firepot.
  2. Crawl through the wall, take the first left and clear the gap, then grapple the ledge on your right.
  3. At the top of the ledge, climb the small ledge and run straight ahead; Althjof’s Statue is lying on the ground.

Artifact Location #6 – The Applecore

Durinn's stone artifact located at the applecore in svartalfheim in god of war ragnarok
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The final artifact, Durin’s Stone Statue, is also located in The Applecore, very near the Althjof’s Statue. Go back to the circular building, but this time you’ll want to be at the top. There’s a grapple point you can use to reach it.

  1. After reaching the top floor, take the path to your left until it ends.
  2. At the end of the path, on your left, is a waterfall, grapple point, and bridge. Swing to the other side, through the waterfall.
  3. Turn immediately to the left after landing and jump down from the ledge. Use sonic arrows on the stone to break it and reveal Durinn’s Stone Statue in Svartalfheim.

That’s the last of the artifacts located in Svartalfheim in God of War Ragnarok; however, that isn’t the last of the collectibles in this particular realm. For Kvasir’s Poems, we’ve created a handy guide on all book locations in Svartalfheim, too. Of course, other realms have collectibles as well, such as the artifacts located in Vanaheim.

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