God of War: How to Open Blue Rune Nornir Chests

How to Open Blue Rune Nornir Chests in God of War

While journeying through Midgard and the surrounding realms in God of War, you might come across a few large chests with three mysterious glowing blue runes on them. When you try to open one up, you’ll be tasked with solving a short puzzle involving three seals. These are called Nornir chests, and when you find one, we definitely recommend taking the time to try to solve the puzzle, as the rewards are often very good indeed.

Etched onto the Nornir chests are three blue runes that you’ll have to memorize. Look in the surrounding area to find three pots with the corresponding runes, and then use your axe to break them. These types of puzzles are more straightforward, as you simply need to find the pots themselves (though they can be quite cleverly hidden) and break them. The pots will have the glowing runes etched into them, and the chest will open once you break all three.

However, there are also slightly tougher puzzles in God of War where you’re tasked with hitting three bells with the runes on them within a limited space of time. In this scenario, the bells themselves are usually found out in the open and are not hidden quite as well as the pots. Once you strike a bell, the rune on the bell will disappear for a few seconds, and you’ll need to strike the remaining two before the rune on the first bell appears again. Doing so will open up the chest.

There are other variations of the pots and bells puzzle in God of War, with some requiring you to strike a lever to turn the pot around so it shows the correct rune as seen on the chest. But for the most part, the puzzles in God of War themselves are quite straightforward; you just need to find them, typically, or sometimes figure out the optimal way to hit them all quickly at once.

These Nornir chests will contain either an Idunn Apple or a Horn of Blood Mead. Collecting three Apples will permanently increase Kratos’ health in God of War, while collecting three Horns will increase the Rage meter.

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