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Punishing Gray Raven Tier List (May 2024)

Lucia fans, where you at?

PGR is, at its core, a single-player game, so some might say that having a tier list is pointless. However, if you wanna be at the top of the leaderboard in Warzone, or just effortlessly clear all content the game throws at you, then you’ll need the best units. So, to help you with that, here is our definitive Punishing Gray Raven tier list.

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All Punishing Gray Raven Characters Tier List

The tier list is in the table below—all units in the game, including Uniframes and Nier ones, ranked from best overall to worst. The main ranking factor for the tier list is how each character performs across all content in PGR (Warzone, Babel, etc.). Still, you can make each one work if you min-max them, but some are flat-out better regarding skills and all.

PGR Tier List

S++Bianca Stigmata, Karenina Scire, Liv Empyrea, Lucia Crimson Weave
S+Liv Luminance, Lee Hyperreal, Nanami Starfarer, Rosetta Rigor, Vera Garnet
SAyla Kaleido, Chrome Glory, Lucia Plume, Luna Laurel, Selena Capriccio, Selena Tempest
AA2, Kamui Tenebrion, Liv Lux, Lee Entropy, Roland Flambeau, Wanshi Hypnos
BCamu Crocotta, Chrome Arclight, Lucia Crimson Abyss, No.21 XXI, Pulao Dragontoll, Vera Rozen
C2B, Bambinata Vitrum, Bianca Veritas, Hanying Zitherwoe, Kamui Bastion, Karenina Ember, Lee Palefire, Nanami Storm
D9S, Haicma Starveil, Ayla Brilliance, Karenina Blast, Lucia Dawn, Nanami Pulse, Noan Arca, Watanabe Astral
EBianca Zero, Changyu Qilin, Liv Eclipse, Lucia Lotus, Sophia Silverfang, Qu Pavo, Watanabe Nightblade
Punishing Gray Raven (PGR) character tier list updated as of 5/3/2024

Character Summaries

S++ Tier

  • Bianca Stigmata – The supreme physical DPS in PGR, and it’s not even close. She has AoE, burst, time stop, and survivability. If you wanna go all in on just a single unit in PGR, she is the one.
  • Karenina Scire – Unkillable in every game mode, and she has a time stop. Moreover, her burst is god-tier, so if you’re running a dark squad, she is your main focus.
  • Liv Empyrea – Empyrea is the definition of an off-element support. You can run her in literally any squad, really. She has a time-stop, can gather enemies, massive AoE, heals, damage reduction… and the list just goes on.
  • Lucia Crimson Weave – Lucia is maybe the most OP unit in the game. She gets max scores in PPC on off-element bosses because of her two time-stops and insane sustained DPS. Her AoE is also amazing, which makes her great for Warzone/Babel.

S+ Tier

  • Liv Luminance – Luminance is the best phys support that can grant her next teammate 100% Crit Chance after she leaps. Plus, her QTE skill gives a Crit DMG buff and deals tons of damage. Her heals are also great for every mode.
  • Lee Hyperreal – Hyperreal is extremely easy to use, and he is the foremost DPS on the fire team. Use him to get easy max scores in PPC.
  • Nanami Starfarer – Best sub DPS on the fire squad and the main tank. She does extremely well across all game modes, especially so in the Babel Tower.
  • Rosetta Rigor – The best tank physical comps can have with excellent AoE and defense shred in her kit. The only other alternative is Bastion, but he is just straight-up worse for every other game mode except for the Babel Tower.
  • Vera Garnet – Garnet is your go-to tank for the lightning team. She has one of the best QTEs in the game, which is an AoE lightning shred. Works great with Crimson Weave and is unkillable in Babel.

S Tier

  • Ayla Kaleido – The main DPS of the ice team. Insane AoE for Babel and Warzone, and she fares extremely well in PPC, too. Needs a bit more skill than others, though.
  • Chrome Glory – The best sub DPS on the ice team. He, Kaleido, and Plume work in almost every game mode, so if you want to play ice, you’ll need him, too.
  • Lucia Plume – Excellent burst, but her downtime is kind of high. Still, you can use her as a sub DPS along with Kaleido and Glory.
  • Luna Laurel – Luna is the whole package. She has DPS, sustain, AoE, and burst. However, she is one of the most difficult units to master on this whole Punishing Gray Raven tier list.
  • Selena Capriccio – Capriccio is your only real support option on the dark team. Her buffs and damage outvalue Rozen by a mile.
  • Selena Tempest – A straight-up better version of Roland, but with a bit lower survivability. She makes up for it in spades with her amazing AoE damage.

A Tier

  • A2 – The Nier squad can be really good, but you’ll need to invest a lot in them. A2 at SSS is a must, and she will be your main DPS. However, a full phys squad can do better and with less investment.
  • Kamui Tenebrion – A budget version of Scire. I don’t recommend you use him if you have her, though.
  • Liv Lux – Main support on the lightning team. She isn’t that amazing, so use Empyrea if you have her instead.
  • Lee Entropy – Very good AoE and sustained DPS. He fares well in Warzone and Babel.
  • Roland Flambeau – Good fire DPS and excellent for Babel.
  • Wanshi Hypnos – Your main support on the ice team. At SSS, combined with Plume, they become gods at the Phantom Pain Cage.

B Tier

  • Camu Crocotta – Decent filler Vanguard for Babel. However, Selena and Roland outperform him in Warzone and PPC.
  • Chrome Arclight – A decent filler tank for the lightning squad. However, if you have Crimson, you won’t need him.
  • Lucia Crimson Abyss – Insane burst, but that’s about it. Crimson Abyss isn’t self-sufficient, and you’ll mostly use her for her ultimate.
  • No.21 XXI – She is okayish, but again, Scire is just the best tank on the dark team.
  • Pulao Dragontoll – Very good survivability and good burst on her ultimate. Overall, she is the third-best Uniframe after Roland and Tempest.
  • Vera Rozen – If you need heals over damage, use Rozen. If not, use Capriccio.

C Tier

  • 2B – She’ll sit out everything while you fight with A2. Still, she is necessary for the squad.
  • Bambinata Vitrum – Your last option as a sub DPS on the Ice squad. Every other ice DPS character on this Punishing Gray Raven tier list is just better than her.
  • Bianca Veritas – Pales in comparison to Crimson Weave.
  • Hanying Zitherwoe – An upgraded Liv Eclipse.
  • Kamui Bastion – Bastion is great for Babel and can literally solo it with just one support as a teammate. However, because of his slow damage output, he isn’t great for other modes.
  • Karenina Ember – You’ll need to invest a lot into Ember to make her shine, and considering all the other DPSs out there, it’s simply not worth it.
  • Lee Palefire – Excellent blue orb burst, and that’s about it.
  • Nanami Storm – Better than Brilliance but worse than Bastion for Babel. However, she outperforms both in other modes.

D Tier

  • 9S – Same as 2B, though he needs even more investment. You should focus on other Nier units before him.
  • Haicma Starveil – She is excellent for Babel with other freeze and super armor, but extremely hard to play.
  • Ayla Brilliance – Okay filler tank for Babel.
  • Karenina Blast – She used to be really good for Warzone, but there are other options now. You can still use her as filler in Babel.
  • Lucia Dawn – Consider her a Veritas you bought off of Wish.
  • Nanami Pulse – She is an excellent staller for Babel, but her DPS is so low that it’s insane. I wouldn’t run her unless I have literally no other better tank.
  • Noan Arca – Filler unit for Babel, just like Haicma. Still, there are other options.
  • Watanabe Astral – No reason to use him over Laurel.

E Tier

  • Bianca Zero – You can use her as filler for Babel, but that’s as far as her utility goes.
  • Changyu Qilin – The investment you need to make Qilin even remotely playable is diabolical.
  • Liv Eclipse – A watered-down version of Luminance. You have no reason to use her, really.
  • Lucia Lotus – You get her as the starting character for a reason. She is just garbage.
  • Sophia Silverfang – Sophia is the only support fire has, and she is just terrible at it. Use an off-element support instead of her, or none at all.
  • Qu Pavo – Considering all the other Uniframes’s strengths, it’s crazy that this thing’s even in the game.
  • Watanabe Nightblade – Good mobility and can stall in Babel. He is otherwise useless, though.

That concludes our Punishing Gray Raven tier list. Also, don’t forget that this PGR tier list is all about character performance and shouldn’t stop you from getting your faves. After all, it’s a single-player action gacha like Genshin or Solo Leveling: Arise, not a game with competitive PvP like AFK Journey

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