Ghostwire Tokyo: How to Get Money (Meika) Fast

There are a ton of different things you can buy on your quest to solve the mysterious vanishing of Tokyo’s citizens in Ghostwire Tokyo. To buy them, though, you’re going to need money, or Meika as it’s called in the game. Fortunately, there are plenty of different ways Akito and KK can get money in Ghostwire Tokyo, so let’s run you through them.

Getting Meika in Ghostwire Tokyo

There are a few ways you can obtain Meika in Ghostwire Tokyo quickly, so you can buy any consumables or other items from the various shops around the city.

Destroy Gold & Statues Pots

You’ll find these floating gold pots and statues littered throughout the city.

Destroying these will get you various amounts of Meika. While each one doesn’t net you a massive amount, if you continue to destroy them, you’ll rack up a small fortune just from these alone.

Complete Objectives & Side Missions

While the main missions will help you progress through the story and offer up the more varied and interesting gameplay segments, taking on objectives and side missions will reward you with some extra pocket money you can spend on goodies throughout the world.

The amount you’ll get will vary depending on the mission and objectives you complete, but they’re well worth taking on, if only because they provide some fantastic background on Japanese culture and help bring this spiritually-overrun rendition of Tokyo to life.

Feed Shiba Dogs to Be Taken to Buried Meika

You’ll find cute lil’ Shibas all over Tokyo on your adventure, but they’re not just there to look adorable and receive the occasional pet whenever Akito has a spare moment. By feeding them dog food, acquired from the various stores around Tokyo, they’ll lead you to some buried treasure.

While it’s not always Meika, in most cases it is. Other times you’ll get a chunk of XP, which can help you level up and unlock better skills. Either way, feed the good bois and be rewarded for your generosity.

Complete Relic Missions from Yokai Cats for Huge Amounts of Meika

What’s better than dogs that lead you to Meika? Yokai Cats that give you even more Meika for completing missions for them!

how to get meika fast in ghostwire tokyo

Head over to these stylish, yokai cats and they’ll send you off on a Relic Mission. These are relatively straightforward fetch quests that simply task you with visiting the area marked in yellow on your map, grabbing the relic and returning to the yokai cat.

Handing over the relic to these floating felines will net you a huge amount of Meika for doing so. The more difficult the mission, the more Meika you’ll be awarded, so don’t be shy with taking these on — you can always drop the difficulty down if you’re really struggling!

Turn Spirits Into Karashiro

Throughout your adventure with KK, Akito will occasionally absorb spirits that can then be taken to the Phone Booths throughout Tokyo and converted into Katashiro.

Doing this whenever you can will net you another chunk of money which you can then spend on whatever Akito and KK’s hearts desire.

Just like that, you’ve got everything you need to know on getting plenty of Meika and becoming a millionaire in Ghostwire Tokyo. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out the guides below or search for Twinfinite.

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