Ghost Trick Chapter 5 Walkthrough – All Puzzle Solutions

Murder behind closed doors.

Ghost Trick Chapter 5 Walkthrough - All Puzzle Solutions Screenshot by Twinfinite via Capcom

The fifth chapter of Ghost Trick is particularly tricky to overcome. Not only does it feature the murder of a beloved main character, but it does so using a murder room which requires careful timing to properly manipulate. Toss in the fact that there are secret Trophies and Achievements tied to it, and you wouldn’t be alone in needing some guidance on how to overcome it with minimal deaths. Fortunately, you’ll find all the answers you need in our Ghost Trick Chapter 5 walkthrough.

How to Solve Every Puzzle in Ghost Trick Chapter 5

Ghost Trick Chapter 5 kicks off with the discovery that Lynne has disappeared. It isn’t long, however, before she’s found in the lower section of the Super’s Office. To make matters worse, she’s dead as a doornail.

Move to the right side of the room using the movable Step Ladder. Listen in on the cops investigating Lynne’s disappearance, and then move the step ladder toward the left side of the room. After the guard follows the Step Ladder and faces to the right, move into the base of the Lamp and aim it to the right. Move into the head of the Lamp and shine it on Lynne’s Notebook, bringing it to the guard’s attention.

Once the guard shows it to the Green detective, move into the phone and go to (KMR)-2675. After being introduced to the officers there, wait for the one on the left to pin a sheet of paper up on the wall. Move into it, and make it fly off toward the officer on the right. Listen in on their conversation, and then move back into the phone after the paper gets thrown into the trash can. After the short cutscene, go to (MHR)-4481.

How to Save Lynne

When you get there, move into Lynne’s corpse and you’ll be greeted to a quick reunion with the ill-fated detective. The pair will then join forces to discover what happened, and can rewind time to change her fate. Before long though, it becomes apparent that there wasn’t a new hitman involved in Ghost Trick Chapter 5. Instead, Lynne was killed by an elaborate booby trap in the Super’s private area.

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After you regain control, wait for the man with the bird to come within your range and move into his lantern. Stay in it until he raises it up, and then move into the phone. After it rings and he picks it up, move to the Cop’s side of the building and close the tea kettle before it scolds him. Once he lowers it to the ground, move down into the motor and then into the ball on top of the fan.

Wait for Lynne to enter the room and turn on the lights. When she does, the fan will start and it will shift a ball to the left and fling it down. Possess the ball, and as it falls move into the toy cake on the table below the fan. You’ll then be within range of a trap door below the table.

Screenshot by Twinfinite via Capcom

Move down into the trap door and open it to create a ramp. Then, make your way back into the ball while it’s still on the table. Once there, move into the tool box to your upper left. Don’t activate it until after the ball rolls down below the shovel. Once this occurs, trigger it to send a bowling ball down that swings the shovel. This will allow the shovel to hit the ball, sending it flying into the Cupid that triggers Lynne’s death. It will shoot its arrow in the wrong direction, and Lynne will be saved.

Talk to her after you regain control, and you’ll be treated to a cute scene between her and Sissel. She’ll then escape using the trap door, and the chapter will have been cleared.

And with that, you’ve used everything included in our Ghost Trick Chapter 5 walkthrough to maximum effect. With any luck, you also managed to clear the chapter without any deaths and nabbed the Mystery of the Secret Room Trophy and Achievement. There’s plenty more to do though, and if you need a hand, be sure to check out our other chapter walkthroughs down below.

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