5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One If You’re Looking for Something Similar

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Super Smash Bros. will likely forever be – unless Nintendo drops out of the home console market – exclusive to their consoles. That doesn’t mean that Xbox One fans don’t have some options that measure up to the fighter though. Here are five games like Smash Bros for the Xbox One if you are looking for something similar.

Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One


Smash Bros, Brawlhalla

You’ll find plenty of free-to-play games on the Xbox Marketplace, but few that are as polished and entertaining as Brawlhalla.

In this 2D platform fighter, players can choose between different characters, each with specific strength and weaknesses. While it doesn’t feature as many personalities as its Nintendo counterpart, Brawlhalla’s core gameplay loop is relatively similar for most fights.

The end goal is to knock players off the map, with the more damage being dealt throughout making them easier to dispose of. What sets Brawlhalla apart is its chaotic game modes.

From 1v1 to free-for-all to even a number of sports games, like the explosive target based Basketball-like Bombsketball, there is an array of different ways to enjoy battles in this free-to-play fighter.

Even Smash Bros fans have to admit that Brawlhalla is a worthy 2D fighter, as it has plenty of unique qualities that set it apart from being just another clone.

5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One

Gang Beasts

One of the best parts about the Smash Bros series is the chaos that ensues when playing with a lot of people. Gang Beasts is even more chaotic.

Just like Smash, the end goal in Gang Beasts is to be the last man standing. However, ledges and environmental hazards are the only way to eliminate other characters, and there is no damage counter that increases as the fight goes on.

The main difference in this game can be found in its ragdoll like physics. Characters move like the big blobs of meat they are, making grappling and punching different, but interesting.

Due to these unique controls, even veteran Gang Beasts players can find themselves in trouble with one wrong step. Playing this title is a blast and will be very appealing to Smash Bros players that enjoy the fun and mayhem associated with the series.

5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One



It will always be near impossible to measure up to the portfolio of characters in the Smash Bros series. As of Smash Bros Ultimate, there are around 70 different playable personalities, each coming from multiple franchises.

While Brawlout might not exactly have that many mascots, its roster shouldn’t be overlooked. Featuring beloved indie stars like Drifter (Hyper Light Drifter), Juan (Guacamelee!), and Yooka & Laylee (Yooka-Laylee), playing this 2D fighter results in a distinct experience.

Gameplay isn’t too different, as damage meters, stocks, and knocking opponents off ledges are central mechanics. Brawlout doesn’t feature the ability to block though, something that makes its action move a lot faster than many of its competitors in the genre.

If that wasn’t convincing enough, Brawlout now features the Dead Cells’ fighter, The Prisoner, and man is he fun to play as.

5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One

Rivals of Aether

The spiritual successor to Super Smash Land, a game that defined itself as a Smash Bros demake, Rivals of Aether takes everything you love about Smash Bros and tweaks it to the tiniest 16-bits.

Instead of putting a huge emphasis on individual character styles and flash, this pixelated fighter highlights Elemental Powers (earth, fire, smoke, etc.) that can affect the stage’s condition. Like other titles on this list though, Rivals of Aether still takes a lot of inspiration from Smash Bros, both in format and execution.

Alongside making you feel like the Avatar from The Last Airbender, Rivals of Aether also features unique DLC characters: Ori (Ori and the Blind Forest) and Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight Series). The game’s horde-like Abyss mode also adds variety to the game that tends to be lacking in regular Smash titles.

5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One

TowerFall Ascension

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You may be perplexed as to why a game about archery is on a list talking about titles similar to a 2D fighter. Anyone who has ever played TowerFall Ascension wouldn’t be too confused though, as it features plenty of overlap with Smash Bros.

Each game’s core mode, multiplayer, have similar end goals, as players fight in a confined space and are given a set amount of lives, hoping to be the last man standing. The competitive nature of the two both result in intense, down-to-the-wire games.

Area effects and unique weapons are also present in TowerFall Ascension. Just like in Smash, these gadgets change the landscape of fights, meaning the difference between winning and losing much like a powerful item or a final smash would.

Using the environment to your advantage also plays a pivotal and distinct roll in TowerFall Ascension. Each map boasts specific layouts, riddled with traps, powerup advantages, and openings that help you get the drop on your opponents.

Any competitive fighter fan should give this a try. Its variety and structure are enticing, all without straying too far away from what you love about games like Smash Bros.

If you’re looking for even more recommendations for games like Smash Bros., check out our list for PC games like Nintendo’s brawler. Make sure to stick with Twinfinite for all things video game and Smash Bros. related. If you have any other good suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comments down below.

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