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5 Games Like Outriders If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Outriders is an impressive new entry into the looter-shooter and third-person shooter genres. It blends elements from popular games over the years, while still standing out as a very unique-feeling title. If you’re here, though, you either want more after playing through Outriders or you’re just curious about what other games it is similar to. Whatever your reasons, let’s look at five games like Outriders, just in case you’re looking for something similar.

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The Division 2

Games Like Outriders

games like outriders

The Division 2 shares a lot in common with Outriders. They are both third-person shooters with looter-shooter mechanics. They both feature a heavy emphasis on RPG elements such as character/class building, gear decisions, and mapping out a build that suits your play style. They also both lean heavily on cooperative gameplay, and have a campaign for you to play through that you can tackle either solo or with others.

Also the general gameplay feel is quite similar, too. Although, that said, there are some key differences.

Outriders is a bit more fantastical in its setting. It takes place on an alien planet and your character will wield space magic, kind of like Destiny. Outriders is also a bit more aggressive in the sense that you’re encouraged to be on the offensive, whereas The Division, while not being entirely a cover-based shooter, is certainly more realistic, tactical and nuanced.

And finally, Outriders is not a live-service game and focuses its gameplay around its main campaign and some optional post-game content, whereas many The Division 2 players derive more value from its end-game content such as PvP and cooperative raids.

Borderlands 3

Games Like Outriders

games like outriders

While the type of shooting, first-person instead of third-person, may be different in this case, Borderlands 3 is very much like Outriders in many other ways.

Both games are entirely built around cooperative, PvE experiences that are primarily campaign and story-driven with optional post-game activities for those that want to get even more out of their ~$60.

Because they are focused on PvE, without any PvP balance to worry about, Borderlands 3 and Outriders can focus on making characters feel as powerful and out of this world as they want, and that’s what both games do. In both games, you can pick from four different classes, each with multiple skill trees that you can mix and match from. And when you really get rolling with both gear and skill points, you can watch as your character becomes nigh unstoppable.

Mass Effect

Games Like Outriders

If what you enjoyed most about Outriders is the focus on a single-player campaign with space exploration vibes, then the Mass Effect series is definitely something you should try out if you want to take that experience to the next level. Even at its lowest moments, the Mass Effect series is one of the best third-person shooters of all time because of how well it blends storytelling, decision making, and gameplay.

You have two (modern) options when it comes to experiencing Mass Effect. You could pick up the most recent entry into the series, Mass Effect Andromeda.

While it’s certainly the black sheep of the series, it has some serious Outriders vibes as it takes place in a foreign galaxy where the main players in the story are all focused on trying to make foreign inhospitable planets, complete with angry native species, a suitable home. It is also a decent place to start as it has only minor connections to the previous series.

At the time of this writing, Mass Effect Legendary Edition, a remaster of the original trilogy (which is received far more positively) will be close to releasing or already released, and that’s certainly an option as well as long as you aren’t intimidated by the time you’ll need to invest to get the full experience.

There are three full games here, and if you want the definitive Mass Effect experience, including making choices, building relationships with squadmates, and seeing how that all plays out in an epic story that will connect through all three games, you’ll need to play through it all.

Gears 5

Games Like Outriders

games like outriders

If what you liked most about Outriders is, instead, the focus on hardcore third-person combat (and less the RPG side of things), then Gears 5 is definitely among the best third-person shooters around. Gears 5, especially if you’re playing it in 60 fps, is among the prettiest and smoothest shooters you’ll have the joy of playing. Compared to Outriders’ often clunky movement, Gears 5’s movement is just so incredibly crisp, clean, and just a joy to experience.

While you do give up the randomized and powerful weapons when switching to Gears 5, the game still does have its share of over-the-top weaponry.

Plus, on top of its wonderful gameplay, Gears 5 has a very entertaining campaign to play through which can be played cooperatively. And it has additional PvP and PvE modes that you can play after beating the campaign as well.

Destiny 2

Games Like Outriders

Finally, we of course have the mention the elephant in the looter-shooter room, Destiny 2. The Destiny series, arguably, kicked off the modern looter-shooter, live-service trend, and over six years later, is still doing its thing.

There’s a good reason that Destiny is still a force all these years later. It’s a very rewarding game for those that it can sink its hooks into. The gunplay (first-person this time) is among the best in the business. Each weapon feels unique, and exotic weapons (similar to legendary weapons in Outriders) have their own build-defining personalities that are very satisfying to build around.

There are three classes, and each class is broken down into four sub-classes that can be further defined by an additional 12 different paths. It’s easy to find a playstyle that you love, and for the most part, you can make anything work in Destiny 2. This is true even at the highest levels of PvE and PvP, as long as you’re dedicated to it and put some thought into putting together an effective loadout and build to support your favorite class.

Just keep in mind that, unlike Outriders, it is very much a live-service game, and to get the full experience, you’re going to need to pony up for stuff like season passes and expansions on a fairly regular basis.

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