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Full Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Event Schedule

On June 4 and 5, it'll be time to Pokemon GO touch grass for two chock-full days of catching, battling, and raiding during Pokemon GO Fest 2022.

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 is shaping up to be one of the biggest celebrations of the game since it launched back in 2016. As long as you grab a ticket for the global event from the shop — for $14.99 — you’ll have a weekend filled with catching, raiding, and shiny hunting. Here’s the full schedule for Pokemon GO Fest 2022.

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Full Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Event Schedule

There will be tons of Pokemon to catch during GO Fest 2022, but you’ll need to make sure that you don’t miss out since they’ll only be available during the event.

When is Pokemon GO Fest 2022

pokemon go fest logo with tropius, pikachu, shaymin, shelmet, rufflet, axew, empoleon, karrablast, and burmy

All of the festivities kick-off on Saturday, June 4 (10 AM to 6 PM local time) and run until Sunday, June 5 (10 AM to 6 PM local time). Players who purchase a ticket for this event will also receive free access to the GO Fest 2022 Finale that takes place on Saturday, August 27. More details on that event will be released at a later date. Stand-alone tickets for the Finale can be purchased for $10.99.

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Ticket-Holder Exclusives

First off, players who buy a ticket for the event will be some of the first players to be able to get Land Forme Shaymin via the Special Research story. Plus some region-exclusive mons will be available with the use of incense. Down below is a full list of Pokemon that will be attracted by Incense (* indicates shiny chance).

  • Galarian Weezing
  • Galarian Mr. Mime
  • Unown B*, G*, O*, and U*
  • Torkoal
  • Tropius
  • Galarian Darumaka*
  • Klink*
  • Axew*
  • Pancham

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of features that will be exclusive to ticket-holders. Down below is a full list of everything players will have access to for buying a Pokemon GO Fest 2022 ticket.

  • Increased shiny chance for wild and Incense spawns on Saturday, June 4
  • Suprise bonuses for players completing Global Challenge Arena missions on Saturday, June 4
  • Habitat Hours Collection Challenges
  • Exclusive special research with Shaymin encounter as a reward
  • Players will get to choose between Relaxed, Standard, or Master difficulties and Catch, Explore, or Battle gameplay styles
  • Up to nine free raid passes each day by spinning Gym photo discs
  • Event-exclusive Stickers in the Shop

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Event Features

If $14.99 is a bit too rich for your blood this time around, then you’re not completely out of luck. A handful of features and other parts of Pokemon GO Fest 2022 are still accessible to players who don’t buy a ticket.

  • Players will be able to get shiny versions of Axew, Shroomish, Numel, Karrablast, and Shelmet
  • Free Pokemon GO Fest 2022 avatar t-shirt in the Shop
  • Use the hashtag #PokemonGOFest2022 for a chance to have your picture featured in-game
  • Rotating habitat hours

If you’re still not clear on what you get with a ticket versus what you get by going free to play, here’s a handy chart from Niantic.

Source: Niantic

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Habitat Hours

Habitat Hours during Pokemon GO Fest 2022 will feature Pokemon that fit into four different biomes: City, Plains, Rainforest, and Tundra. All players will be able to catch these mons, but not everyone will be able to do the catch challenges associated with the Habitat Hours.

As the name implies, each ‘habitat’ will last for a single hour starting at 10 AM local time on Saturday, June 4. Once all four have passed, it will cycle through each one again until 6 PM local time. Down below you can find lists of the Pokemon that will appear during each Habitat Hour (* indicates shiny chance).


  • Common
    • Magnemite*
    • Alolan Grimer*
    • Hitmonchan*
    • Baltoy*
    • Trash Cloak Burmy*
    • Bronzor*
    • Pidove*
    • Trubbish*
    • Gothita
    • Golett
    • Litten
  • Rare
    • Costumed Pikachu*
    • Galarian Weezing*


  • Common
    • Girafarig*
    • Dunsparce*
    • Larvitar*
    • Numel*
    • Trapinch*
    • Buizel*
    • Patrat*
    • Drilbur
    • Shelmet*
    • Rufflet*
    • Litleo*
  • Rare
    • Costumed Pikachu*
    • Axew*


  • Common
    • Mudkip*
    • Seedot*
    • Shroomish*
    • Slakoth*
    • Turtwig*
    • Chimchar*
    • Venipede
    • Karrablast*
    • Binacle*
    • Skrelp
    • Rowlet
  • Rare
    • Costumed Pikachu*
    • Pancham*


  • Common
    • Omanyte*
    • Swinub*
    • Wingull*
    • Meditite*
    • Wailmer*
    • Spheal*
    • Piplup*
    • Vanillite
    • Cubchoo*
    • Bergmite
    • Popplio
  • Rare
    • Costumed Pikachu*
    • Galarian Darumaka*

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Raids

Last but not least are the Raids that will be featured during Pokemon GO Fest 2022. Here are the lists of featured raids for Saturday, June 4 and Sunday, June 5 (* indicates a shiny chance).

Featured Saturday Raids

  • One-Star Raids
    • Costumed Pikachu*
    • Axew*
  • Three-Star Raids
    • Dartrix
    • Torracat
    • Brionne
  • Legendary Raids

Featured Sunday Raids

  • One-Star Raids
    • Costumed Pikachu*
    • Axew*
    • Rockruff*
  • Three-Star Raids
    • Snorlax*
    • Salamence*
    • Druddigon*
    • Dartrix*
    • Torracat
    • Brionne

There will also be a brand-new Pokemon debuting in Legendary Raids on day two, but it will not be announced until the day of the event. That’s all there is to know about the full schedule for Pokemon GO Fest 2022. Be sure to check out all the related articles for more on the event below.

Featured Image Source: Niantic

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