What the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Map Looks Like; All New Named Locations

What the Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Map Looks Like; All New Named Locations

The Chapter 3 Season 4 map is crazy, and we will definitely miss all the wacky locations from Chapter 3 Season 3.

It’s a new season in Fortnite, everybody, and you know what that means! That’s right, the map has been significantly changed and updated. While it’s not a completely new map this time around, it is certainly different. We’ll walk you through the new look for the Chapter 3 Season 4 map, as well as point out all the new locations named you’ll be able to visit.

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Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 Map Changes

Now that we have had a little time, we have cleaned up the map and unlocked the new areas. Here is a look at the new (and complete) map for Chapter 3 Season 4.

Chapter 3 Season 4 Map

The first massive change in the new map is that the Reality Tree has been destroyed (making our prediction entirely wrong). This means that the Reality Tree biome and Reality Roots are likely entirely gone, or just husks.

New Named Locations

The named locations that were transformed by the Reality Roots are now completely gone. Instead of returning their Chapter 3 Season 2 (or prior) state, they are now something else entirely. While the Reality Tree has been destroyed, Reality Falls still exists. The mushrooms still exist, as well. While they are withered husks, you can still find the ones to jump on to gain a little extra shield.

The new named locations are:

  • Lustrous Lagoon
  • Herald’s Sanctum
  • Shimmering Shrine
  • Fort Jonesy
  • Cloudy Condos

This is everything you need to know about the way the new Chapter 3 Season 4 map looks as well as all new named locations. We’ve got some early information to share with you as well, such as the download size you’ll be looking at for the update, as well as all the weapons that have been vaulted or unvaulted. For everything else, check out the links below for more helpful tips as we all wait for the servers to go live.

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