Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age: How to Get More Gambits

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How to Get More Gambits In Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age’s job system allows for a lot strategy and customization, thanks in no small part to its Gambit system. This allows you to fine tune the tactics of your party, setting up options for healing and attacking based on certain enemies or instances that pop up in battle. For example, if your allies’ health drops below 30 percent you can set it up so a party member instantly heals them. Here’s how to get more Gambits to help you out in battle.

You actually start with access to quite a few Gambits already in Final Fantasy XII, but you can get countless more throughout the game, for a price. You will need to pay for any more Gambits you may want, and they can be found in shops throughout The Zodiac Age. The biggest and most obvious shop is right in Rabanastre, the first city. It’s in the Northernmost part of the map, and is marked by an orange diamond. There are other Gambit shops, however, like in Bhujerba, so just keep an eye out for the shop’s marker on your map. Gambits are relatively cheap, at 30-300 gil apiece, but with how many there are it can quickly sap your money away. Make sure to take a look at the shop though, and see which Gambits might fit best with your strategies.

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