FFXIV Storm’s Crown Trial Guide

Here's how to clear the Storm's Crown trial in FFXIV.

With the release of patch 6.2 in Final Fantasy XIV, players will get to continue the MSQ and also tackle a new dungeon and trial. The trial, in particular, can be pretty challenging for new parties. Here’s a complete FFXIV Storm’s Crown trial guide to help you out.

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How to Unlock Storm’s Crown in FFXIV

This trial is part of the MSQ, which means that it’s unmissable. Simply continue the MSQ and progress through the story until you reach the quest titled “The Wind Rises”.

This quest tasks you with entering Barbariccia’s domain and taking her down. Once you reach this point, the trial will get automatically added to your Duty Finder, and you can queue up for it from there like any other Duty.

FFXIV Storm’s Crown Guide

Barbariccia has two phases, and while the moves are all largely the same, there are some key differences to look out for. We’ll go over all of them down below.

Phase 1

phase 1 barbariccia
Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite
  • Void Aero IV: Raid-wide damage, heal through as necessary.
  • Savage Barbery: A red arching line appears, indicating the direction of Barbariccia’s next AoE attack. A large AoE circle will appear at the point where the line meets the ground, so move far away from it. In addition to that, orange swords will appear around Barbariccia to indicate the shape of a secondary AoE move. If the swords arc over her, it’s a large line AoE that will take up the middle of the arena. If the swords surround her, it’s a large doughnut AoE that will take up the outer edges of the arena, which means that the safe space will be in her hitbox.
  • Hair Raid: A straight red line appears, indicating where Barbariccia will move to next. Follow the line and stand right on it. Barbariccia will move there and immediately turn around with a large cone AoE.
  • Void Aero V: Both tanks get marked with red markers. They need to stack to share the damage while everyone else avoids them.
  • Teasing Tangles: Players get tethered to a lock of Barbariccia’s hair wraps. Your movement will be slowed, and if you try to move out of the circular area around the hair wraps you’re tethered too, you’ll take damage and be pulled back into it.
  • Secret Breeze: AoEs pop up all over the arena while Teasing Tangles is still active. Players need to avoid the AoEs while staying in the circular area of their hair wraps.

As you take her down to 60% HP, Barbariccia will cast Curling Iron which deals raid-wide damage and knocks everyone back slightly.

Phase 2

phase 2 barbariccia
Image Source: Square Enix via Twinfinite

Barbariccia will open phase 2 with an onslaught of AoE attacks. She’ll spawn line AoEs repeatedly in whichever direction she’s facing, followed by a swirl pattern AoE around the arena. Immediately after that, Barbariccia clones will spawn at the outer edges, with all of them pushing line AoEs into the arena. The second phase is basically AoE city, so stay on your toes and keep moving.

She’ll finish off her onslaught by marking a tank with a damage marker, and one other player with an orange stack marker. The tank should stay far away while the rest stack.

This is immediately followed up with yet another orange stack marker on a player, while another gets marked with a silver proximity marker. The player with the proximity marker needs to stay away, while the rest of the group stacks.

Next, Barbariccia will start sending out green whirlwinds that move slowly outward, so avoid these as necessary. Once she’s shown off all these moves, she’ll start casting Teasing Tangles, where players must work within their own circular areas while also dodging all of these phase AoE attacks. It’s one of the most intensive trial phases we’ve seen in what should be a “regular” boss fight in Final Fantasy XIV, so healers need to prioritize healing here.

That does it for our FFXIV Storm’s Trial guide. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more FFXIV 6.2 content, including how to get started with the Island Sanctuary mode and how to clear The Fell Court of Troia.

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