FFXIV Fell Court of Troia Dungeon Guide

Here's a dungeon guide for Fell Court of Troia in FFXIV.

The Fell Court of Troia is a brand new four-man dungeon that’s been added to Final Fantasy XIV with the release of patch 6.2. In this article, we’ll go over how to unlock The Fell Court of Troia, along with a breakdown of all the boss mechanics.

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Unlocking Fell Court of Troia in FFXIV

The dungeon is unmissable as you’ll get to it as part of the MSQ. All you have to do is follow the objective markers, and eventually you’ll unlock a quest titled In Search of Azdaja.

Follow the objectives, and you’ll gain access to the dungeon itself. You can queue up for it via the Duty Finder, or enter it with Trusts.

First Boss: Evil Dreamer

Evil Dreamer is a pretty interesting boss, as it starts off with the part just fighting various mini-add versions of it. The tank should grab aggro on all of them and group them up while the DPS and healer burst them down as quickly as possible.

The mechanics aren’t too complicated; just be aware of individual target markers and spread out as necessary. Whenever the Evil Dreamers spawn at the edge of the arena, they’ll eventually deal AoE damage in a straight line ahead of them, so move out of the way beforehand. As you take them down, they’ll also spawn all over the arena, creating large AoE circles covering the entire space. Choose one Evil Dreamer to target and DPS it down to create a safe space.

Eventually, the real Evil Dreamer will spawn and start casting Endless Nightmare, where four tiny Evil Dreamers start tethering to each other and converge on one area. Move far away to avoid the large AoE damage, and keep DPS-ing the boss to kill it before it finishes its cast.

Second Boss: Beatrice

  • Eye of Troia: Group-wide damage and four eye markers start converging on each other in the center. Get out of the circle and make sure to look away from the eye as they converge.
  • Beautific Scorn: Beatrice creates four marks on the ground. These marks will explode in a large radius in the order they were created, so dodge as necessary.
  • Hush: Tank-buster, heal through and use cooldowns as necessary.
  • Voidshaker: Large frontal cone AoE, followed by individual target markers on each player. Move out of the frontal cone, and avoid stacking on each other.

Third Boss: Scarmiglione

scarmiglione in ffxiv
  • Cursed Echo: Group-wide damage, heal through as necessary.
  • Rotten Rampage: Circle AoEs spawn all over the arena while players get marked. Avoid the AoEs and avoid stacking with each other.
  • Blighted Bedevilment: Knockback attack. Make sure your back is against one of the barriers along the arena.
  • Blighted Bladework: The boss telegraphs the move with a red line on the ground. Move far away from the line to avoid the large circle AoE that spawns immediately after.
  • Blighted Sweep: Huge AoE that covers almost the entire room. The only safe spot is behind the boss.
  • Firedamp: Tank-buster. Heal through as necessary.
  • Creeping Decay: Spawns a bunch of adds. Take them down before the boss’s rage meter fills up.

And those are all the boss moves you need to know for FFXIV’s Fell Court of Troia dungeon. Be sure to check out the rest of our patch 6.2 coverage as well, including how to access the Island Sanctuary mode and how to start gathering materials.

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