Fallout 76: How to Defuse an Undetonated Bomb & What They Do

How to Defuse an Undetonated Bomb & What They Do in Fallout 76

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While roaming around Appalachia in Fallout 76, you’ll come across a lot of interesting sites and scenes. One of those unique occurrences can be found scattered throughout the Wastes, as players may come upon an undetonated bomb sticking out the ground.

Here is everything you need to know about how to defuse an undetonated bomb and what they do in Fallout 76.

Like a lot of other events and instances that take place throughout Fallout 76, undetonated bombs will be found randomly. When you do come upon one, it will give you four options: cut the red wire, cut the blue wire, cut the green wire, and do nothing.

Defusing Options

Of the four options mentioned above, the only consistent one that happens is to simply walk away and do nothing. If you choose to cut a wire instead, you’ll need luck on your side.

Fallout 76 undetonated bomb

When we found a bomb near Flatwoods, we chose to cut the red wire, purely guessing. Immediately after, it started to beep, exploding in about three seconds.

Since I didn’t run away, and was the only one close to it, the bomb detonated and killed me. The next time an undetonated bomb was located, we repeated the same process.

After selecting blue this time, the bomb began to beep again. This time, I was able to sprint away and avoid getting killed.

It seems the blast radius and damage aren’t too difficult to avoid. Even if you make the mistake of cutting the wrong wire, you just have to react in time, moving away as soon as it starts to beep.

Explosions from each undetonated bomb also cause no radiation for the surrounding area, as the explosion is similar to a grenade than that of a nuclear bomb. The only negative part about not successfully defusing is that you don’t get any loot from it.

Successfully Defusing

If you are able to successfully defuse the undetonated bomb, you’ll be rewarded with a lot of valuable materials.

These resources vary but tend to be along the lines of nuclear material, black titanium, and fiber optics; all things you’d think a bomb would be made out of.

At the moment, Fallout 76 has no surefire way to be able to tell which wire is right. Alongside that, there are no plans to build these types of bombs either.

On the bright side, Nukes are now available, leading to some epic PvP situations in-game.

That is everything you need to know about how to defuse an undetonated bomb and what they do in Fallout 76.

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